The Difference between Act 3 and Act 4 in Path of Exile

Although progression is important in MMORPGs like Path of Exile, it is more than characters Leveling Up and getting stronger, that is what most players should think about. Also, there is the process of transitioning from one place to another, increasing the difficulty along the way. Although this is straightforward and linear in most other RPGs, it has a little different when PoE is concerned, especially when it comes to the difference between Act 3 and Act 4.

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It is obvious that a later part of a game will be more difficult, it is linear for most games in terms of the escalation of the difficulty. But with the transition from Act 3 to Act 4 in PoE, it is more like exponential than linear as Act 4 seems to be leagues harder. Although Act 3 is hard for characters that are starting out there, it is reasonable. But when it refers to Act 4, there is a lot of preparation needed to make that jump. That includes patching up holes in your character build and making more PoE Items possible.

The benchmark requirements for Act 4 are quite simple, focusing mainly on survivability since it is possible at the late game. You need more defense and more life but not get hit too much, as well as having all resistances capped. That last part is essential as there is a lot of basic damage in Act 4, especially for all the bosses. If you have trouble with bosses in previous acts, then you may want to reassess your character.

That is when players realize that trading in PoE is a necessary part of gameplay. You can look at trading boards and the global chat or forums for buying and selling PoE Currency items and gears. However you deal with it and wherever you get it, you should find 4 and 6-linked poe items with big bonuses that will make your character much stronger and prepared for Act 4, PoE Exalted Orb will be your first choice.


Certainly, the damage is still a big thing. But you should have your character build down as it is the late game. On the other hand, the primary offense of the character is set already, the passive and active skills are mostly in place. So if your damage is still lacking, then the hole you need to patch up is your gear. By getting better armor and weapons, you should start hitting harder.

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SWTOR: Thoughts on Consular Storyline

SWTOR Consular Storyline is one of the most what swtor fans play. Why do so many gamers choose to play it! Now, let’s see swtor players’ thoughts on Consular Storyline:

I enjoyed it. It’s very diplomatic and the way I see a consular playing out. Diplomacy first, the chess-like thinking moves but when that fails (and it does), combat has to happen. I actually rank consular fairly high on the stories I like list.


I think that one’s experience of the consular storyline is highly dependent on how you view your own character. I played a sage healer, one who tries to protect others and mend their hurts, so for me the first chapter really fit like a glove. If you’re not interested in healing, or not playing a lightside character, it mightn’t feel like such a good fit.

My feelings about the other chapters are otherwise the same as yours. I liked the feeling of building up an alliance and then investigating secret infiltrators.

Personally my favorite companions were Nadia and Iresso, even though we got them last. And, again, that’s because they fit best with the character I was playing. Qyzen is an achievement hunter, Tharan a sleezy genius, Zenith a ruthless freedom-fighter - while they are all interesting characters, I didn’t feel like they could become truly close to my consular. They disagreed in too many ways, didn’t see the world from the same point of view. Nadia and Iresso are both more idealistic, and for my pure light-side consular they naturally became close, Nadia as a friend/student and Iresso as a sweetheart. So I guess the important thing is that there’s someone for everyone. No matter how you play your consular, there should be at least one companion who can relate well to them.


I enjoyed my Consular playthroughs generally, I liked most of Chapter 1 (except from Tatooine) and felt it was a lot more interesting than the Knight’s first chapter.

Chapter 2 and 3 are also both interesting and feel a bit more unique to the other stories.

But a Dark side consular is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever done. Your mostly a dick to people and you have the single highest Jedi body count of all the classes.

On the one hand, I would like there to be more consequences to taking dark side options as the story often feels like “Hey you totally murdered that Jedi we told you to save. Have a promotion.” But on the other hand it is a bit more refreshing to see that sometimes the dark side option is the easy way. Part of what makes being a Jedi or light sided person so difficult is that doing the right thing isn’t always easy and will sometimes come at a cost to you, something I think the Consular story does much better than the Knight’s story.

I think the companions are mostly interesting, no real standouts unlike the Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior crew but that’s ok. Zenith is a great companion if you do play a dark sided Consular, Qyzen is fine but I think they should’ve used someone else for your first companion.

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FIFA 18 Lunar New Year Promotion Will Begin on Feb 16

Chinese Spring Festival is coming on Feb 16. It is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. EA Sports will release FIFA 18 Lunar New Year Promotion to celebrate it. Here MmoGah as one of the best fifa coins sellers would like to share this event with fifa fans. You will have the chance to know everything about FIFA 18 Lunar New Year event, including the expected release date and the estimated offers.

What is FUT Lunar New Year promotion?
It is a FUT event that EA Sports organizes to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, which takes place once a year.


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Can You Find the Reliable and Effective Marauder Skills Build in PoE

If you have been tired of casting spells to eliminate your enemies, or maybe shooting them down from afar, even though relying on your Dodge Rate to wade through enemies in Path of Exile, you can try out this basic Marauder build. There’s nothing more satisfying than assaulting head-on to mobs or enemies and whack them with your PoE Items to oblivion, one certain magic PoE Currency sometimes brings unexpected effect to you, especially the high value Exalted Orb.

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Skills needed:

Active Skills
Mob clearing with Ground Slam
Mob clearing Sweep, as a second AoE for cool down issues or can function as your alternative AoE
Boss fights with Heavy Strike
All Skills above are best coupled with Support Skills that have Life Gain, ups to Fire Damage and Melee Damage

Keystone Passive Skills
Resolute Technique for Hit Rate
Blood Magic for Mana use
Unwavering Stance to avoid getting Stunned

Offense Focus
Maces are recommended, High 2H Physical Damage weapons

Duelist’s Health Nodes (which are close to Unwavering Stance)
Templar’s Health Nodes
Damage Nodes around the Templar’s and Duelist’s area are optional


Defense Focus
Endurance Charges for Damage reduction
- Using the Immortal Call for invulnerability or Discharge for damage dealing
- Gained with Enduring Cry, Warlord’s Mark
Grace Aura plus Iron Reflexes can be an alternative to Endurance Charges

Other Skills
Enduring Cry – for faster Endurance Charges
Decoy Totem – for mob clearing
Rejuvenation Totem – for faster Health Regen
Amplify – for better Sweep effectiveness and Ground Slam

As you know, this build does not focus on DPS and Armor, the conventional attributes are focused on by other builds. This build relies on a good weapon deeply, but not necessarily very expensive and Endurance and Life Regen Charge to withstand any hit. The build is beefy and should be easy to handle even if though you spam Blood Magic. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy OSRS Gold

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How to Disable Facebook Two-factor Authentication While Placing Your Order of FIFA Mobile Coins

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Now follow my steps to learn how to Disable Facebook Two-factor Authentication.

Step 1
Log in your facebook account. Click the drop-down list on the top-right corner of Facebook, and then choose “Settings”.
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The ESO: Update 17 Brings Greater Teamwork and Tactics on February 12

Update 17 introduces a host of changes to The Elder Scrolls Online's combat that emphasize smart teamwork and tactical play. Learn everything you need to know about the changes coming to combat in the upcoming base-game update!


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Update 17 arrives alongside the Dragon Bones DLC game pack as a free patch to the base game on February 12 for PC/Mac and February 27 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Whether you're an Alliance War veteran, an Undaunted dungeon delver, or a lone wolf adventurer, these combat changes are relevant to what you do!
Ability Synergies in ESO are designed to give players additional opportunities to benefit from teamwork and communication. Leading up to Update 17, we weren't seeing groups use Synergies as effectively as we wanted, so we made them easier to use and gave them a series of buffs and fixes.

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Blade and Soul: 2018 Valentine's Event Guide

Blade and Soulmate is the Valentine’s event of Blade and Soul this year. It starts from February 7 and ends on March 16. Lover Maker and Heartbreaker are the main part of the event. You’ll need to wear one of the faction costumes and stay alive as the Love Makers and Heartbreakers clash. So today MmoGah will show you how to participate this event.


This event, you are going to need the Valentine Gift Chests. You can get the chests from completing your Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenge, and then the Weekly Quest Rewards for completing Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress also will get you this chest.


This chest contains the Valentine’s Chocolate. This chocolate is the event token. These Chocolate event tokens can be redeemed in the Dragon Express for limited-time Blade & Soulmate event rewards. Here’s a selection of some of the items that’ll be available:


You will notice that there are two other outfits called Lover Maker and Heartbreaker. These two outfits are faction oriented and they’ll disappear after the events, they are also the main part of the events.


This event is located at the Pinchy’s Wheel which is just right outside the Yehara’s Mirage. To use the wheels, you need to have one of the two outfits equipped along with the Essence of Love which comes from the Valentine Gift Chests. The left wheel is for players who have Heartbreaker equipped, and the right side is for people who have Love Maker.

Now I will explain how it works. Firstly, if you get equipped the Heartbreaker outfit, you can spin the left wheel. The spin takes 18 seconds to complete, if you get attacked by other players, it will be interrupted and stop. Once 18 seconds are over, it could consume 1 Essence of Love, and then there is a chance you’ll receive a Soul Crystal of the opposite faction. So if you are spinning the wheel, wearing the Heartbreaker outfit, there is a chance of giving you the Love Makers Soul Crystal; if you are spinning with the Lover Maker, it’s going to consume 1 Essence of Love and there is a chance to give you 1 Heartbreakers Soul Crystal. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/bns/blade-and-soul-2018-valentine-s-event-guide

RuneScape Guide: Top 5 Skills to Train in Double XP Weekend

RuneScape’s 2018 DXP Weekend is taking place from 23rd to 26th of February. Today, MmoGah will share this helpful guide with people who are still confused or unsure on which skill they want to train during DXP weekend. Training these skills in DXP will definitely save you a lot of time, effort, and your RuneScape Gold!


No.5 - Farming
Farming is often a neglected skill as it’s a daily skill, but a lot of people hate dailies. So Double XP weekend is a great time to train it. You can pre-grow your trees in preparation for the weekend, then you can do your first farm run as soon as the DXP begins, and this will allow you to do it multiple times over the weekend. Plant and grow all your trees and you can also include other trees and prepare them for more XP, so not just your normal trees and fruit trees, you can also do Elders, Crystal, and Calquat etc.
Doing 7 Magic Tree runs can be pretty easy to do and give you 1.2M XP; 4 Palm Tree runes can be easy to do and give 600K XP. So just these 2 trees and doing these tree runs as often as you can and being consistent with it can earn you 1.8M XP, this means over the weekend, you can get over 2M XP if you include other trees as well.

No.4 - Crafting
This is a click-intensive and very expensive skill with no huge benefit, it’s also a skill that if you have the funds for, you’ll want to get out of the way in DXP weekend. Training this skill costs you a lot of RS Gold to buy the supplies, so doing this in DXP will not only save you time but also save you tons of RSGP as well.
Black dragonhide shields are 800K-1M XP/H in DXP; Air battlestaff’s are 600K-700K XP/H in DXP, and the cost of these will be half. You’d better stock up on materials in advance because they will be insanely expensive during or just before DXP. So buying some RS3 Gold and stock up on them now would be perfect for getting ready for DXP weekend, because it’s better to stock up sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to use Portables and Dungeoneering scrolls while training.

No.3 - Construction
This is very similar to Crafting. It may be possibly the most click intensive skill in this game currently, and another con to the skill is that it’s insanely expensive as well. However, it is very fast, this means it’s another perfect one for DXP.
At level 73, you can craft Mahogany Prawnbrokers, they are 1.2M-1.6M/H over DXP weekend, which means on a standard day, it would cost you 197M and take 16 hours to get from 73-99, however, in DXP, it’s half. So you can save 8 hours of click intensive training and 95M RSGP.
Planks are one of the items that really rises in price before DXP, stocking up is typically a must. Make sure to use a Butler for your fast Banking to maximize your XP per hour and how many things you can do every hour. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-guide-top-5-skills-to-train-in-double-xp-weekend

MmoGah: The Best Place to Buy RuneScape Gold

RuneScape Gold is the most common form of currency in the game of RuneScape. It allows players to purchase various cool items either from the Grand Exchange or by trading between players. We all know that grinding RS3 Gold or OSRS Gold costs too much time, but sometimes what you don’t have much is Free Time. So many players choose to buy some gold with real cash. After trying a variety of RuneScape Gold websites, many players only buy RS Gold from one. The website they are using now is MmoGah.com. Today we will explain why you should choose us.


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Have questions along the way?
MmoGah knows the ins and outs of the virtual currency, items, and Power Leveling service industry. With over 11 years of expertise in countless games, we have served thousands of happy players. Let’s take a look at how MmoGah stands out in 3 distinctive ways:
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TESO: Community Guides of Dragon Bones & Update 17

The Dragon Bones DLC game pack launch is just around the corner, but The Elder Scrolls Online community has already been hard at work coming up with a great selection of guides to help you prepare for everything that's coming. Check out our latest Community Guides!
To get ready for Dragon Bones & Update 17 of the ESO, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient ESO Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “ESO Gold” or “buy ESO Gold” in Google. Why not just have a try? Read on to learn more!


Both the Dragon Bones DLC game pack and Update 17 arrive with a host of new features, including new dungeons, systems, and more! Keep in mind that these guides were created from playtests on our Public Test Server, so expect some details to change at launch and in the near future.
Tianlein – Outfit System Guide
Tianlein digs into Update 17's Outfit System with this new guide and outlines everything you need to know to get started making your own custom look!

Whole information about this article please check:

What Is Melee Accuracy Primer in Path of Exile

Perhaps hitting the enemy is the first step to success. It’s logical to conclude that if you are playing a melee character or any kind of character. Any game that involves combat is the same, and Path of Exile is no exception. However, as PoE seeks to be different from counterparts in the action role-playing games, then there are some things that require fleshing out for those who are not familiar with the intricacies of the game, especially for the concept of melee accuracy.

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If you have seen what players said in various online forums related to PoE, then you should understand that they don't have good opinions about melee characters. They are still powerful, but they can’t be seen as effective as magic or ranged characters, which is a shame as a big percentage of builds and players in the game are melee characters. Perhaps some players are not enthusiastic about them in PoE, but that perhaps due to a melee character has both high survivability and high damage output in the meanwhile.

Although attack damage is the top priority, melee accuracy is also important as the damage has to land on the targets at first. The player should accept the inescapable of mistakes whenever a melee character is involved, especially with a character build that has not been played yet before. Whether it's picking the wrong node in the passive skill tree or buying the expensive PoE Currency, sometimes players like to choose PoE Exalted Orb. It can be known that it's normal for melee characters due to the difficult balancing between defense and offense.


You want to have enough melee accuracy to make sure that you're hitting enemies most of the time. The target benchmark in this case is 90%, and it's not that difficult to reach that number once you know what you are doing with that particular build. Remember that you can increase it with PoE Items with gems like Additional Accuracy Quality and so on, so you do not need to acquire all of the passive skill nodes related to melee accuracy to achieve the goal.

When you know that you will reach that number, you can put the rest of your energy to everything else related to attack damage and survivability. You have to hit hard enough to kill bosses and be tough enough to not die so easily so you can make use of the damage at first. It is very important for elemental melee builds that are all about the extra splash and AoE damage that players love extremely, which makes that character up against mobs of really tough enemies. If you can't hit them, all that damage won't work anyway. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


Why Should We Use Traps in Path of Exile

Farming and Grinding is always a tedious task for many Path of Exile players. The main points to an efficient and successful grinding run are killing speed and survivability. PoE Traps can help relieve mobs as they approach your Exile to a large extent, and with enough testing and experimenting, kill some or most of them before they hit your Exile.

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PoE Trap system is quite unique and different. Trap builds are popular in PoE Items, especially for the rare Exalted Orb. Your Exile can lay a maximum of three traps within her or his line of sight. The distance that you can throw the trap has a limit though. At first laid traps are visible but become invisible when they become armed. They are triggered when a monster enters the trigger radius (can be increased with modifiers through passive skills) and are destroyed after that.

There are Lightning and Fire Traps available to Exiles, but PoE has the Conversion and Bear Traps for added strategy. Bear traps functions are the same as its real life counterpart, they immobilize the unlucky monster for a period of time allowing the players to cut it down without any risk. On the other hand, Conversion Traps allows you to control non-Unique bosses and monsters for a short period of time. They do not count as Minions while being affected by the trap.


Though you are not limited with the Trap types mentioned above, as PoE offers players to link any ranged attack or spell to the Trap Support gem. Instead of casting the attack or spell, the Trap Support gem allows you to throw the trap with the linked skill instead of the strategy.

Actually, some players have popularized certain Trap dedicated builds that are proven effective in farming bosses and such when you use PoE Currency. If you haven't decided to use traps in your offensive repertoire, it may be a good idea to begin now. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.

Elysium Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds and First PVP Arena Tournament Will Coming Soon

Elysium Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds Is Coming on Feb 10.
Nighthaven's First PVP Arena Tournament will begin on Sunday, Feb 11.
Now MmoGah as a professional light’s hope gold, items and power leveling store shares these two good news with light’s hope fans.

Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.5 Battlegrounds
The Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley battlegrounds will come to Nighthaven. Players are looking for structured PvP battles.
- The Warsong Gulch entrances may be found in the northern Barrens near the Mor'Shan Rampart (Horde) and south of Silverwing Outpost in Ashenvale (Alliance).
- The Alterac Valley entrances may be found east of Sofera's Naze in Alterac (Horde), and in the Headlands of Alterac (Alliance).


More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/elysium/elysium-nighthaven-pvp-patch-1-5-battlegrounds-and-first-pvp-arena-tournament-will-coming-soon.

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SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of February 5, 2018

The Bioware official webisite updates Cartel Market Specials: Week of February 5, 2018. Let’s see what good things are in promotion this week. Please don’t miss your chance to get what you want at cheaper price. Mmogah (A professional SWTOR Credits Selling Website) will show you the detailed lists in the following parts:

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(02.08 - 02.14 PST)


Customize your favorite weapon with the Volatile Weapon Tuning available for the first time in the Cartel Market. This week only get the Stronghold Gatekeeper Pack and Hypercrate on sale 50%OFF. Check out the Cartel Market in-game for other special offers available this week.

VOLATILE WEAPON TUNING: NEW DIRECT SALE (Beginning Tuesday, February 5, 2018 - 2000 Cartel Coins)
Stand out from the crowd by customizing your favorite weapon with the new Volatile Weapon Tuning, available now in the Cartel Market. Give your weapon a Volatile flourish and intimidate your enemies as you lead your Alliance against the forces of the dark side!

STRONGHOLD GATEKEEPER PACK: SALE 50% OFF (Beginning Tuesday, February 5, 2018 - 150 Cartel Coins)
Take your look to legendary with Satele Shan’s Armor Set and the Exar Kun’s Armor Set, both available in the Stronghold Gatekeeper Pack!
Travel through the most extreme terrain in the galaxy with the relentless Canyon Bantha Mount, also available in the Stronghold Gatekeeper Pack.


STRONGHOLD GATEKEEPER HYPERCRATE: SALE 50% OFF (Beginning Tuesday, February 5, 2018 - 1200 Cartel Coins)
The Stronghold Gatekeeper Hypercrate includes 26 sets of the Stronghold Gatekeeper Pack to give you the best chance of getting your most desired items at a great value!


GALACTIC HERO HAIRSTYLES: SALE 25% OFF (Beginning Tu esday, February 5, 2018 - 180 Cartel Coins)
Channel the galaxy’s legendary heroes as you adopt their hairstyles with the Galactic Hero Hairstyles Pack on sale this week only. This pack unlocks 3 new hair style options available at Character Creation or via the Appearance Designer.


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The Mimic Boss are Returning to RuneScape

We love Mod Shauny. He’s the goebie-loving mother hen of our community, continually going above and beyond to please Gielinor’s adventurers in RuneScape. He may soon need his own Popemobile.
Read on for full details with MmoGah! MmoGah has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming market, which allows us to provide game players with the most professional and outstanding services.
This week, the Oxford dictionary definition of ‘above and beyond’ should read:


Yeah, you read that right. Until the 19th of February, you can grab one free (untradeable) boss token from a Mimic Chest in Burthorpe, located outside the Warriors' Guild. Your token will then teleport you to the Mimic Chamber where you can take on either the easy, medium, hard or the elite Mimic Boss before time runs out.
Those who defeat the Mimic Boss win a mystery box, which scales in awesome as you ramp up the difficulty of your opponent. Contents, you ask? We've got the scrimshaws of aggression, sacrifice and corruption, as well as Slayer VIP tickets, Mimic weapons, the Mimic tongue cape, the Mimic helm, the Mimic plushie and much more. Ironman BTW? You get your very own drop table!

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World Cup Mode Set to Be Added to FIFA 18 in Coming Weeks

Good News! The world's biggest football game is set to get an update featuring the world's biggest football tournament. To tie-in with the tournament, EA Sports will release a new expansion for FIFA 18 rather than a standalone FIFA World Cup 2018 game. FIFA 18 is set to welcome the addition of a World Cup game mode ahead of this summer's tournament in Russia. Now MmoGah.com would like to share this good news with fifa fans.


When is the World Cup 2018 game released?
In the past, separate games have been released for the summer competitions, including the qualifiers, beginning with World Cup 98.
This year, the World Cup 2018 is set to be released in the spring, and it will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. There is no official confirmation on whether the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be updated.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/world-cup-mode-set-to-be-added-to-fifa-18-in-coming-weeks.

Where Is Your Best Place to Buy PoE Exalted Orb

Path of Exile has successfully had millions of players as a popular MMORPG due to its continuous update. For such fun and hot game, players must have the keen demand of PoE Exalted Orb. However, it is not easy to get the exalted orb, because farming exalted orb needs not only rich experience, but also lots of time. So some players would like to choose to buy safe exalted orb from a third party, which is the shortcut to improve the levels and the gearing building in the shortest time.

Where is your best place to buy exalted orb, which is a general topic before buying it. Some players are afraid of buying exalted orb, because of the risk of being scammed. As a reliable and honest exalted orb seller, MmoGah has the responsibility to help players solve this problem.


Good reputation, safety and fast delivery are the three basics for buyers, as well as professional reps and cheap price. If a website can meet the above requirement, I think players will tend to buy poe exalted orb from this website. MmoGah is a responsible and trustworthy site. You can try to place an order and will understand all.

1. MmoGah is a famous brand in the gaming industry.
With more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry, MmoGah is treated as the best place to buy exalted orb for players. Mmogah is a large gold selling company, which sells FFXIV gil, FIFA 17 coins, WoW gold, DFO gold, Elysium gold and etc. Many games rank Top 3 in google if you are available to check its ranking.

For instance: FFXIV gil ranks No.1, FIFA 17 coins ranks No.1, WoW gold ranks No.3, DFO Gold ranks No.1 and Elysium Gold ranks No.1, Warmane Gold ranks No.1, which prove MmoGah is a reliable and powerful game company.

Good Reputation and professional reps
Checking one site's reputation can make you know more about it, and you can check it on Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc and other websites. You can evaluate one site’s truth from these reviews.

For instance: you can search MmoGah reviews on trustpilot and find a large number of positive reviews of customers, which can prove our service is excellent.


2. Convenient and intuitive purchasing channel of the exalted orb.
If you plan to buy exalted orb from other websites, you may spend more time to search exalted orb in the massive poe items, which is inconvenient for you. MmoGah has solved this problem and created an independent exalted orb page, so you can see the amounts and the corresponding prices clearly like buying other games’ gold. To provide the most convenient service for players is our purpose. 


3. Secure Delivery Method
Face-to-Face: We will meet you at a place in the game then trade Exalted Orb to you, which is a secure delivery method. None of our PoE players have been banned for buying Exalted Orb from us. We have professional suppliers for PoE Exalted Orb. You can check MmoGah Delivery Time to know more information.

4. Fast Delivery
We deliver your exalted orb ASAP when we have received your payment and completed verification. Most orders can be completed within 5 minutes, and we guarantee to complete all in reasonable time.

5. Cheap Price with large discount
Our price is reasonable as compared with other sites in the gaming market. We adjust our prices every day according to the market, so you can buy Exalted Orb with cheap prices but top quality service. If you are our member, you can get member discount (you need to login every time). When you place a large order, you can get a certain discount (2%, 5%). Moreover, click this link: 3%-15% OFF Coupons to get a large discount, so you can get member discount, large order discount, and coupon discount in one order.

6. Refund Guarantee
We have a large stock of exalted orb for sale, so we will complete your order ASAP. However, if we do not have enough exalted orb for your server and you wouldn’t like to wait, a refund will be issued immediately.

Anyway, customers have the final decision, we have the confidence that customers will finally choose us depending on our best service and professional team. Don’t hesitate, if you choose us, we will give you a surprise.


Guide to 11 Most Overpowered Players in FIFA 18

Building a strong team in FIFA Ultimate Team doesn’t have to cost you much time or money. Such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Ruud Gullit are unfortunately out of reach for the average FUT player, but luckily there are some cheap players in the game capable of consistent excellence.

At this stage in FIFA, you don’t really want obsolete cards that were once considered overpowered upon the game’s release. Here MmoGah as a professional fifa coins store takes a look at the most overpowered players whose prices are less than 20,000 coins, including some unpopular special players.


Tiemoue Bakayoko (CDM)
Price: 1k                                       
When you talk about overpowered players, you can’t be without mentioning Bakayoko. May be he below-par at Chelsea, but he’s a beast on FUT. The Frenchman is weak on going forward due to his terrible shooting, but he’s great for thwarting incoming attacks with strong strength and interception stats. Until now, Bakayoko has remained one of the most annoying CDMs, so you’d do well to pick him up.
More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/guide-to-11-most-overpowered-players-in-fifa-18.

How Do Bandits Get Rewards from Path of Exile

Due to the abundant rewards, dealing with Bandits is one of the most important and popular quests. Whatever build you make for your Path of Exile, it is necessary and crucial for most players to complete this quest.

The quest starts from talking to Eramir in the Forest Encampment or any of the bandit leaders listed below. You have 3 times’ chance to complete the quest with varying difficulty and a different reward every time, sometimes you can get certain PoE Currency. So you should think carefully which rewards are important for your Crit build as an example:


Take Oak’s Side:
• Location: The Wetlands (entrance in The Riverways)
• Normal Difficulty: +40 Base Life
• Cruel: +18% Physical Damage
• Merciless: +1 Max Endurance Charge

Take Kraityn’s Side:
• Location: Broken Bridge (entrance in Old Fields)
• Normal Difficulty: +8% to all elemental resistances
• Cruel: 8% Attack Speed
• Merciless: +1 Max Frenzy Charge

Take Alira’s Side:
• Location: The Western Forest (entrance in The Riverways)
• Normal Difficulty: +40 Base Mana
• Cruel: +4% Casting Speed
• Merciless: +1 Max Power Charge

Although you have the option of killing all bandit leaders, and Eramir will reward you a Passive Skill point for each level of difficulty. You can even get the side with 2 different leaders’ and1 Passive Skill point for the other difficulty levels, this is your choice. You can change your mind halfway through the quest. Prepare some PoE items namely exalted orb and certain amulets to change sides through Vendor Recipes. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.