SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of October 17, 2017

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of October 3 offered Unrelenting Terror: Direct Sale Armor, Black and White Dyes: Direct Sale Armor Customizations, Marsh Hunter Acklay: Direct Sale Mount and Overcharged Tuning: Direct Sale Weapon Customization. Now let’s see what SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of October 17 offer, MmoGah (No.1 SWTOR Gold selling website on google)

Shadow Disciple Armor, Dathomir Rancor, Mawvorr Companion, and more! See what this week has to offer on the Cartel Market:

Shadow Disciple: Direct Sale Armor
Goes Live: Tuesday, October 17 – 1,440 Cartel Coins

A mysterious design smuggled into the core worlds from unknown origins. Incredibly rare… and bristling with dark energy.


Dathomir Rancor: Direct Sale Mount
One Week Only: Tuesday, October 17 - Tuesday, October 24 – 2,100 Cartel Coins

Rancor species are notoriously wild and aggressive. Rumor has it however, that Dathomir priestesses have managed to control some of the local Rancor population through powerful spells.


TRK-R Treatment Chamber: Direct Sale Regen
One Week Only: Tuesday, October 17 - Tuesday, November 7 – 1,200 Cartel Coins, Now 840 Cartel Coins

Recover from your battle wounds with this festive Rest and Recharge item. Get yours while you can – it only appears once per year!

Walkhar Trickster: Direct Sale Mount
One Week Only: Tuesday, October 17 - Tuesday, November 7 – 1,800 Cartel Coins, Now 900 Cartel Coins

The galaxy’s spookiest landspeeder is back for three weeks only! Get yours and be the envy of the Fleet.

Mawvorr Beast Direct Sale Companion
One Week Only: Tuesday, October 17 - Tuesday, October 24 – 2,100 Cartel Coins

The Voss have managed to train a select few of the local Mawvorr population – a commendable feat considering the Mawvorr’s fiercely territorial nature.


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What Is Ascendancy Enchantment in Path of Exile

For Path of Exile, besides the Ascendancy classes, there’re plenty of contents to sift through. There's the Lord's Labyrinth that's being talked about, and it seems that those who complete it will get more than loot and bragging rights, but also new powerful enchantments to one of their Path of Exile Items. Grinding Gear Games has released information regarding these enchantments, and it seems pretty good.

Take note that when you get a PoE Currency enchanted, it replaces any existing influence, including previous enchantments. Therefore, you can't expect to stack up enchantments since that should be good in the game. These enchantments are always at fixed values and Blessed Orbs will have no effect on them, so it is able to "cheat" your way. However, they have the same colors as Master Crafted implicit mods, you can make both on a single poe item actually, so stacking them up isn't a lost reason completely.


There are some new pretty interesting effects of enchantments that you can tap into. For example, Similar to Raging Spirit, Decree of the Grave lets you summon floating ice skulls as minions that will fight and follow for you. They explode in icy bursts that can deliver cold splash damage when their duration ends. There's also Decree of Fury that makes you throw clones of weapon or its projectiles in a cone of effect in front of you, letting you hit enemies for many times with heavy damage. You can get the opportunity to get an exalted orb.

There's the Decree of the Tempest that makes you charge up with energy, and explode a few seconds to deliver lightning spell damage to enemies around you. When stepping on it, Decree of Light makes you deliver attack damage to enemies around you while creating Consecrated Ground that heals you and your allies. Both of these make you deal with multiple enemies better while boosting your survivability, making them become must-haves in the game.

Also, there are other enchantments to be had with certain item types. For example, when you enchant your boots and meet certain conditions, they gain powerful stats that trigger. For instance, you may add a certain type of damage if you killed recently (in the last 4 seconds), or you get an increased life and mana regeneration if you hit recently, or increase movement speed if you haven't been hit recently and so on.


The same goes for when you enchant your helm, but it's more of gaining certain bonuses that only apply to certain skills. There are two or three of these skill-specific stats for every skill, meaning that there are over 300 of them to be had. In certain ways, they can do well to further boost your character's effectiveness. If you want more powerful PoE Items, such as useful chaos orbs, you'll get the chance to make some more. Along with all new possibilities with Ascendancy classes comes new ways to get stronger with these enchantments. For more useful and interesting poe news, please check MmoGah.com.

Dimension of the Damned: All-New Survival Mode to RuneScape

Dimension of the Damned is a new, "survive-at-all-cost", PvE competitive gaming experience. This is accessible after an update on 16 October 2017, lasting ten days. MmoGah shares with you how does it work.


Pit yourself and your friends against the undead in Dimension of the Damned and compete for the unique title of King/Queen of the Damned and a host of prizes - the ultimate PvM challenge.

MmoGah as a professional RuneScape Gold site, provides safe, fast and cheap RS3 Gold and OSRS Gold for you. Prices start at $8.6/40M for RS3 Gold, $7.22/5M for OSRS Gold. With over 10 years of excellence, we have served thousands of customers. If you are hesitating where to buy cheap RS Gold, MmoGah will be a good choice. Our representatives are ready to support you in 24/7, 365 days via LiveChat, Email, SMS, Skype and social media.


Start the one-hour timer using your HUD in-game and rack up points while slaying as many zombies as you can to secure your place on the leaderboard. You can restart the clock to improve your score as many times as you’d like. The top 1,000 players after ten days will make it through to the finale on the 28th for the chance to win a selection of sought-after prizes, including (but not limited to) lifetime membership, an all expenses paid trip to Jagex and 200M GP. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/dimension-of-the-damned-all-new-survival-mode-to-runescape


RuneScape News: NovtumberFest and F2P Additions

Today is time for MmoGah to introduce another RuneScape update for you.


This is a month long beer festival located Lumbridge Crater. Head out over there to partake in this latest skilling extravaganza. It gives you XP and skills such as slayer, preyer, farming and summoning. There is no extra fee to partake in NovtumberFest and there is no XP caps, you can train here to the heart’s content.

MmoGah as a professional RuneScape Gold site, provides safe, fast and cheap RS3 Gold and OSRS Gold for you. Prices start at $7.8/40M for RS3 Gold, $7.29/5M for OSRS Gold. With over 10 years of excellence, we have served thousands of customers. If you are hesitating where to buy cheap RS Gold, MmoGah will be a good choice. Our representatives are ready to support you in 24/7, 365 days via LiveChat, Email, SMS, Skype and social media.

Also keep your eyes out for Gunther's cart which will be roaming around the free-to-play areas and running into trouble every three hours. You help him out, you will be rewarded with a large chunk of XP.
Now in terms of the rewards of NovtumberFest this time around, we got themed pets, anims, outfits, gear and a 'Party Animal' title for those who partake in all the events- free players included, so partake in it, head over to Lumbridge Crater, and have some fun.

Free to Play Content Additions
Moving on, let’s discuss all the new free to play content we’ve got going on. Here's the list of content that is now available to all:

·         A Soul's Bane
·         Priest in Peril
·         Gertrude's Cat
·         Missing, Presumed Death
·         Perils of Ice Mountain, including the ability to smith pickaxes
·         Song from the Depths and the first level of the grotworm cavern
·         Broken Home, as well as the post-quest content (although the asylum surgeon's ring is still members-only); as such, the explorable area for free players has been expanded up to Morytania and the dig site at Silvarea. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-news-novtumberfest-and-f2p-additions

NBA 2K18 Tips: How to Earn VC Fast after Patch 1.04

How to earn VC fast in NBA 2K18 is a hot-button topic since the game was released especially after the patch 1.04. For those fans who are looking for the best ways to earn VC without dipping into their wallets, MmoGah shares with you some good ways to earn VC after the patch.


Firstly, there are three efficient and dependable ways to earn VC without playing an actual game.
MmoGah as a professional NBA 2K MT coins site provides safe, fast and cheap NBA 2K18 MT for you. Check out our latest price list for NBA 2K18 MT coins. With over 10 years of excellence, we have served thousands of customers. If you are hesitating where to buy MT, MmoGah will be a good choice. Should you need anything else on NBA 2K18, for example, How to Earn VC without Spending Money or Best Builds and Archetypes in NBA 2K18, make sure to head over to our NBA 2K news page.

1. MyLeague Simcast Live Every Day Keeps VC Coming Your Way


MyLeague is one of the most lucrative modes in the game. You can earn close to 1,000 VC per contest by actually playing games. You can also earn VC more efficiently and quickly when you simulating a game in this mode.
You start a MyLeague with any team and change the quarter length to the maximum 12 minutes. The difficulty setting doesn't matter. Go to the in-mode calendar and simulate a game using Simcast Live. Make sure you turn the sim speed up to 6X.
No matter whether you participate in the simulation or not, you'll still earn 400 VC for every game. It doesn't even matter if your team wins or loses.
You can simply start a MyLeague game each morning, afternoon or evening before you leave for the day. You don’t need to press any bottons to complete the simulation. So when you return, you'll have earned your VC. You can repeat the process before you go to bed. You could earn at least 800 VC every day easily in this way. All you need to do is set it to go into sleep mode after being idle for 2 hours. The simulation doesn't take that long to complete. If you're at home but just can't get on the sticks at the time, you can potentially sim through a number of games earning 400 VC each time. If you complete an entire MyLeague season using this strategy, you will earn yourself 24,600 VC. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/nba-2k18-tips-how-to-earn-vc-fast-after-patch-1-04

Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King is Live


Shadow of the Mad King, our annual Halloween festival, returns with ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and holiday fun! Here MmoGah (a professional GW2 Gold site) will share more details with Guild Wars 2 fans.

Beginning October 17, 2017


Gather together with the citizens of Lion’s Arch to enjoy another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes.

The Mad King's Realm

Are you brave enough to go trick-or-treating in the Mad King’s Labyrinth? Knock on haunted doors, but beware the grisly monsters prowling the maze. If the Labyrinth’s endless armies aren’t enough to slake your thirst for combat, you can face off against other players in Lunatic Inquisition.

Ascent to Madness

Delve into the Mad King’s lair for a face-to-face battle with King Oswald Thorn himself. Be on your guard—the diabolical monarch has deadly tricks up his sleeve. Cater to the king’s capricious whims, and you may survive.

The Mad King's Clock Tower


Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/guild-wars-2-shadow-of-the-mad-king-is-live

How Can We Learn More about Path of Exile

Due to depth and breadth, the online role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games would be a rather scary experience. There's so much to look into, and one glimpse at the passive skill tree can turn more experienced of players who have never seen Path of Exile before into a pile of mush, clueless about what to do or where to go.

Obviously, the next place you should go to is the Internet. However, where to look and what to look for are equally important. At least, Path of Exile is familiar enough in gameplay for players to know what to look for. Therefore, as a Path of Exile player, there are some places where you can seek help and camaraderie.


Gameplay Basics
Path of Exile isn't really hard, there are some harder games than this but is less familiar to the uninitiated. Most of mechanics follows the action role-playing game genre, but its courage is different. Therefore, learning about its inner working is key to understanding Path of Exile.

You can look for Guide to ZiggyD's Path of Exile Beginner Mechanics. ZiggyD is a notable member of the Path of Exile community and it makes videos on YouTube about various games, especially Path of Exile. It has tons of guides on PoE Items, and can tell you what PoE Currency is valuable, including a series of Survival Guides that can help you know what and what not to do while playing Path of Exile.

PoE Builds
Due to the design of gameplay system, there are tons of builds in Path of Exile. Virtually, it means to facilitate countless character build possibilities. As a beginner, you need to learn the Ground Slam Marauder, the Cold Witch, the Incinerate Witch, the Tanky Templar, the Lightning Ranger, and so on. Path of Exile Builds is the website where people can submit and review PoE builds. You can choose a build based on a set of criteria, and you can also search forums and ask the community about it to see what can be refined, how to level it, and so on.


PoE Resources
There’s a Path of Exile wiki where you can get any info on the game when you need it. There are also PoE Trade, trading websites where you can buy and sell Path of Exile Items, such as poe exalted orb. If you want a build, you can head on over to PoE Builder to plan. There are tons of resources out there on the game, but the richest source of information is Path of Exile community.

PoE Communities
The Path of Exile official forums is the first place to look for. Unlike other games where their official forums have some faults in their moderation, the ones in the PoE forums are positive to receive feedback and criticism, which makes them less happy with their ban-hammers. It means that there are actual meaningful discussions in this forum, which makes it a great place to discuss questions and be a part of the community.

There’s a PoE sub-reddit, which is naturally on Reddit. The more freeform structure of Reddit makes for rather fun interaction with other members of the community. There's a certain degree of openness that allows you to participate in the community. You may receive more negative elements of the community here too, but that's nothing unexpected if you often visit websites like Reddit. For more useful poe news, you can visit MmoGah.com. Thanks.


Elysium “Private Server” Shuts Down and Relaunches as “Light’s Hope”

An announcement came today revealing that the Elysium Project is shutting down temporarily due to Financial Shenanigans. The core team are stepping down from the Elysium Project are coalescing around the foundational ideals this project is supposed to represent and are relaunching as “Light’s Hope” under new management. Expecting roughly 24-48 hours until the servers go live. This is not a firm timeline, please be patient! Here MmoGah as a professional Elysium gold seller would like to share the updated news with Elysium fan.   
It's been revealed that the "private" WoW server, Elysium, is shutting down due to "failures to uphold the project's ideas and integrity". Core team members have been engaging in deceitful practices related to project funding.


For more details, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/elysium/elysium-project-shuts-down-and-relaunches-as-light-s-hope.

Blade and Soul: Rage of the Hive Queen Systems

Blade and Soul is changing a few things in this update, most notably with gems and Sealing Charms.

With the Rage of the Hive Queen update arriving October 18, Blade and Soul will be making a number of systems changes and improvements. Here MmoGah as a professional BNS Gold seller will help you plan for some of the most impactful ones.

Brilliant Soul Sealing Charms

With this update, you will be able to buy a Brilliant Soul Sealing Charm from the Hongmoon Store and use it to seal a high level Soul, which then allows the Soul to be traded and sold. It is important to note that the higher level the Soul, the more Sealing Charms needed.
Here are the specific Souls that will be able to be sealed:
  • Awakened Hongmoon Energy
  • True Hongmoon Energy
  • Awakened Ascending Soul
  • True Ascending Soul
  • Awakened Transcendent Soul - Stage 5
  • True Transcendent Soul
  • Awakened Cosmic Soul - Stage 5
  • True Cosmic Soul

Weapons & Accessories

With the Rage of the Hive Queen update, an alternate upgrade path is being added for Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stages 1–9 that uses Void Fragments instead of Heroic Weapon offerings, giving you some additional ways to progress.

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/bns/blade-and-soul-rage-of-the-hive-queen-systems


How to Accurately Attack in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 has proved popular since its release last month. It was the top-selling game in the UK and Australia this week, a large number of players have taken part in the game, and FIFA 18 was received well among critics.

Attacking is the best way to score goals in tough games. Starting for a defensive game can work in a few cases, but when you lose a goal or two in the first half of the game, it becomes incredibly hard for you to get win in the game. You never know what will happen, and your opponent may grab a last minute to bring you down.
As a professional fifa coins sellerMmoGah recommends you to play slightly attacking game play and secure a one goal lead. If you choose to start defensive firstly, and can’t score a goal on first 30 minute in game, you should change game mode to slightly attacking to get a goal. With our FIFA 18 attacking tips and tricks, you'll be prepared to kick some serious butt out on the virtual pitch!


More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/how-to-accurately-attack-in-fifa-18-ultimate-team.


Where is Your First Place to Buy PoE Items

Path of Exile, as one of the most popular games, has successfully attracted millions of players. Absolutely, the new coming 3.1.0 patch will attract a larger number of new gamers. For such hot and popular, PoE Items must be in keen demand. However, how to fast obtain enough Path of Exile Items is not an easy thing for most players.

First, you can play and farm poe items by yourselves. Second, buy PoE Currency directly from professional poe items selling websites. For veteran players or those who have enough time, they often choose to play more time, while for most players, they have no time or have difficulty in playing in person, so they would like to choose to buy poe items from a reliable seller, but many players may worry about: How to choose a reliable site, where is the best place to buy? Well, I will solve your puzzle below.

Good reputation, safety and fast delivery are the three basic elements that all players pay attention to, as well as cheap price and professional reps. If a website owns these five elements, most players will choose to buy poe items from this site definitely without hesitation. MmoGah is one of the best sites.


1. Top Ranked in Google
MmoGah is a famous Brand in the gaming industry. We have more than 10 years’ experience in it, which has ranked front during searching poe items in Google. Also, many games’ keywords rank top 3 during searching them in google. For example: FFXIV gil ranks No.1, WoW gold ranks No.3, DFO Gold ranks No.1 and Elysium Gold ranks No.1, ToS and RoI rank No1. Ranking top in Google is the proof obviously. As we know, google has its strict punishment system which can easily detect the spam websites, therefore our ranks are 100% reliable.

2. Good Reputation with lots of Positive Reviews
Seeing is believing. What the customers say is more important than what the sellers say, so it is very important to check one site’s reviews, which can help you know more about it. You can check its reputation on Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc and other webs. Summarize these reviews, you can evaluate one site’s service is good or not. For instance: search mmogah reviews on trustpilot, and you will find that it has gotten five stars, and there are a large number of positive reviews from real customers, which can prove mmogah’s service is excellent.


3. Secure Delivery Method
Face-to-Face: We will meet you at one certain place in game then give you the item(s) which is a secure trade method. Important Note: Please check your e­mail in time, and use up your poe items ASAP after receiving it, which can avoid getting it removed!

4. Fast Delivery and Professional Reps
Our top priority is to complete your order within the shortest time. For majority of MmoGah gamers, we ensure a 10­60 minute delivery period, no matter the weekend or holiday. We understand your urgency and will deliver your items quickly. We offer fast, legit and reliable services that help you complete your orders. Because we love to hear from gamers that beat up their rivals, and we build long-term relationships with each customer. Our Live Chat is 24/7 online which is convenient for you to provide service at any time.

5. Reasonable Price with Large Discount
Our price is reasonable as compared with other sites in the gaming market. At the same time, you can get member discount (you need to become our member and log into our site every time), large order discount and coupon discounts.

There are so many competitors that sell poe items, few of them can offer their clients clear and transparent details. But if you buy poe items from MmoGah, we guarantee that 100% of the items are from real professional PoE gamers that farm by themselves.

6. Various Safe Payment Methods
More than 120 payment methods are available at our website. It is simple to purchase what you need. Mmogah.com website has been protected by Norton, McAfee, so your purchasing is safe.


What we are doing is trying our best to be the first while you are buying poe items. At the same time, poe exalted orb is hot on sale at our site. If you need any poe items, such as chaos orb, don’t hesitate to visit us. Also, we have X-BOX ONE Items on sale, sincerely hope all the poe players can enjoy a happy life in your poe game.

What Makes PoE Different from MMORPG

The genre of (MMORPG) massively multiplayer online role playing game, has been a mainstay in gaming for some time since its surge in mainstream popularity back in the early and mid-2000s. Although the days of every game being developed are copies of model that have past now mostly, just like every online RPG that comes out these days, including Path of Exile, are being called MMORPGs. However, the genre name doesn’t fit for this game very well. Actually, some dedicated PoE players even say that they detest having the game labeled as an MMORPG.

The developers of Path of Exile state that the game is not an MMORPG for Grinding Gear Games, but an online action RPG. It has similarities with World of Warcraft and its numerous so-called clones and derivatives in that game is played online on persistent servers where thousands of players can play together in. Players can farm PoE Currency together too. However, as you know what constitutes a traditional MMORPG are absent in Path of Exile.


Perhaps the dominance of Blizzard Entertainment's WoW is to blame for this unfortunate designation mostly, but compared to most people's stereotypical perception of it, it just goes to show how online gaming has changed. At least, we can understand that all MMOs are online games, but not all online games are MMOs. However, the differences between MMORPGs and Path of Exile are not limited there. Path of Exile has its unique items, such as exalted orb and chaos orb, etc.

At the time of Grinding Gear Games first started with their plans to create an online role-playing game, they have already known that the MMORPG market is saturated and there is only room for a few MMORPGs to control it, not to say that making one is a Herculean task that requires the most amount of time, energy, money, and manpower in the whole of game development. PoE Items, skills, and a lot of other features are created amazingly. Thus, Path of Exile comes to be from that decision.

The prodigious use of instances are the most important difference between Path of Exile and MMORPGs. When you move on to a PvE area, you will enter an instance. In that area, it means that you are either alone or with your party in that particular instance of the map and no one else is with you. This means you don’t have to complain about having your kills and Path of Exile Items dropped by monsters stolen or by other players. The additional benefit of this is that everyone can play in the same server, so there are more chances for friends to play with each other in PoE, whereas they may be in different servers when playing some other MMORPG.


Towns also run on instances, since those people can be split into different instances, so the game will not slow down to a crawl whenever there are plenty of people in the game. If two players from different instances want to meet, once they start communicating and join the same party, they can do so without doing anything as they'll be able to see each other in town. This means that whenever the server population is low on a particular day relatively, there are players in town, but just fewer instances running concurrently. This means that you won't ever see a ghost town like MMORPGs when there aren't a lot of players at the moment.

Also, there are many other differences like how combat and other gameplay elements work in this game. Perhaps it’s the best example of an online action role-playing game available today, and it's free to play as well. So if you are interested in more poe news, please visit MmoGah.


World of Warcraft: The Great Gnomeregan Run - October 14!


Are you a gnome? Do you know a gnome? Would you like to BE a gnome? (And who wouldn’t?)  Then please follow MmoGah (a professional WoW Gold site) to rise UP to the challenge of The Great Gnomeregan Run on Saturday, October 14 from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay.

Where: Beginning outside the gnome starting area and ending in Booty Bay
Who: Alliance-Only (Don’t worry, Horde can create a level 1 gnome and join in the fun too.)

Whether you are a level 1 gnome (highly encouraged), a level 71 human, or a level 110 draenei, you will be able to join in this fun run beginning in the gnome starting area, winding through Dun Morogh, Ironforge, the Deeprun Tram, Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, Duskwood, and Stranglethorn Vale where the run culminates in Booty Bay.


Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/world-of-warcraft-the-great-gnomeregan-run-october-14

How to Upgrade Players Fast in NBA 2K18

In NBA 2K18, upgrading your player is extremely important, if you are wanting to get your character to the elusive 99 rating, MmoGah will share with you the fastest way to upgrade your attributes in NBA 2K18.


The first way to upgrade attributes is to spend VC on them, you can earn VC through completing matches in the game or purchase them with real money.

MmoGah as a professional NBA 2K MT coins site, provides safe, fast and cheap NBA 2K18 MT for you. Prices start at $7.74/20K for PS4, Xbox ONE: $8.91/15K, and PC: $9.27/80K. With over 10 years of excellence, we have served thousands of customers. If you are hesitating where to buy MT, MmoGah will be a good choice. Should you need anything else on NBA 2K18, for example Best Builds and Archetypes in NBA 2K18 or How to Unlock Ankle Breaker Badge, make sure to head over to our NBA 2K news page.

Once you have VC to spend, you press the Triangle button (Y on Xbox One) to select the gold attributes option in the middle of the menu. Now press UP on your d-pad to access the attributes page and upgrade them according to your requirement. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/how-to-upgrade-players-fast-in-nba-2k18

Where to Buy SWTOR Gold

As we know, the official will largely improve SWTOR in November. The United Forces update is coming November 8, 2017, and the official says that this new update will add a lot of value to all the gameplay systems that contribute to great multiplayer experiences. The official will be intergreting their existing seventeen servers to five new servers, one for each existing region and language. Their goal is to make this experience as simple and rewarding as possible. All SWTOR fans are waiting for the new update and preparing for the new update. As a professional swtor gold selling website, Mmogah wants to say that there are two methods for you: first, grind it by yourselves. Second, buy it directly from a professional swtor gold selling website. For professinal players or those who have enough time, they often choose to farm gold by themselves, while most folks, they have no time or have difficulty in farming gold in person, they will choose a reliable and legit website, like Mmogah to buy swtor gold directly. What kind of website is reliable and professional?


1. Top-ranked in google
Ranking top in google is the clear proof. As we know, google has its strict punishment system which can easily detect the spam website, therefore ranking No.1 in searching “swtor gold” via google can be 100% reliable.

2. Many years’ SWTOR Gold selling experience
When it comes to a professional website, the first condition is whether it has many years’ experience in the swtor credits selling circle. The more experience you have, the more professional you could be.
3. High quality service
During the transaction, service is what customers really care about. High quality, fast and safe delivery gold selling service is what customers look for all the time. Such perfect service is definitely worth being trustful.

4. No spam, no bot
There are often spam and bot in the game forum or even in the game, which can directly attract gamers to place an order in their website, at cheap price without any guarantee. This deed is not adopted by normal websites, so guys you have to be pay attention to this and protect you from being cheated.

5. Reasonable Price
I suggest that you should search more websites to compare the price before you place your orders. The cheaper price you meet, the more attention you should pay. Our normal websites change their gil price according to the game industry each day, and we have our own costs for operation, so our price is not the cheapest but the most reasonable price, please trust us.

6. Customers’ positive reviews
Customers totally have the right to comment a website, the more normal website is, the more positive reviews gain. Certainly, some gamers may question the reality of the reviews, we can totally understand them, but we want to explain that some large scale websites like Trustpilot, Resellerratings… do not allow to make fake comments, so the customers of normal website will just leave reviews on these large scale websites.

In the last, I want to say that Mmogah owns all the traits on the top, and it is really worthwhile for you to have a try!

TESO: Introducing the Asylum Sanctorium of Clockwork City

Not all of Sotha Sil's experiments go as planned. Face the Clockwork God's most dangerous creations in the Asylum Sanctorium, the Clockwork City DLC game pack's new Trial, coming soon for ESO Plus members and to the Crown Store.


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Sotha Sil's realm is filled with mechanical wonders unlike anything found in Tamriel, but this includes both his incredible successes and his discarded, often-dangerous failures.
“The Asylum Sanctorium is an isolated section of Clockwork City created by Sotha Sil to sequester three Saints (Saint Felms, Saint Llothis, and Saint Olms) after it became clear that his experiments made them unstable," says the Trial's Lead Writer, Randy Begel. “Over time, the asylum evolved into a place where residents of Clockwork City would come to make offerings and pay homage to the Saints, or seek the assistance of the alienists for their own psychological troubles."

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NBA 2K18 MyCareer: Best Builds and Archetypes

This year, NBA 2K18 comes with a more refined and enhanced build system. The introduction of dual archetypes allows you to build the player that you really want to build, you will have wildly different attribute caps and badges, so your early-game decision is extremely important. There are a total of 189 archetypes to choose from in NBA 2K18, which position and archetype combination should you choose? MmoGah will share with you some of the best builds for MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18.


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Firstly, you should determine your preferred play style. Carefully plan the standard position you want, because this plays a huge role in your attributes and available badges. For those unaware about badges, they are highly useful unlockable situational-specific perks that can be upgraded (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Hall of Fame) to increase the perks’ effectiveness. If you choose a Center position, for example, you won’t receive Hall of Fame badges that allow you to have high accuracy amidst a contested shot.
When you have a position in mind, you can simply switch between the different primary and secondary skills to see your character attribute cap and badges. Just like in all games that have stat builds, it’s ultimately up to each player’s preferred play style. If you want to excel in a certain playstyle, you can go with an old-fashioned pure archetype to maximize your attribute cap and badges.

The Builds Guide below details what you need to know about building Custom Characters:
1. Small Forward Playmaker
Set the height to 6’5”, it will boot your Standing Dunk, Boxout and Block. It also increases your Defensive and Offensive Rebound.
You should set the wingspan to be around 79.3 to give you Contested Shot bonuses of Mid-Range and Three. Off Dribble will not be your best suite here.
You will set a low weight of 185 lbs, as it gives you a boost to your speed, acceleration, vertical, lateral quickness and speed with the ball. It counters all the negative effects of the height used for this build.
Archetype – Shot Creating Playmaker
For this build, the Archetype you are going for will be Shot-Creating Playmaker. Choose your Primary Skill of Passing and Ball-Handling and Secondary Skill of Shot Creating. Both these skills are essential for maximizing your control with the ball whether you are in the court or about to score a point. Your skills will be as follows:


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Path of Exile: Types of Ancestral Warchief Build

Path of Exile Players who have Ancestral Protector builds await for the Ascendancy Content eagerly. Aside from the PoE Items, Rewards and Endgame Labyrinth, it brings them a higher tier of skills which should raise damage output. One of them is the Ancestral Warchief.

Players can be allowed to deal AoE damage and amplify the Melee Physical Damage by Ancestral Warchief. By adding 1% of Increased Totem Damage, Quality can further boost the skill’s potential (e.g. 20% Increased Totem Damage equals to 20% Quality). It also includes Increase Totem Damage at least 8% when this skill is active. The damage dealt is not clear by the AoE, but early details show that the percentage should begin at 110. Don’t forget this skill adds 50% Totem Placement Speed which is a very popular boost for all Totem dependent builds.


This not only gives players an easier time for clearing mobs and dealing damage, players who are capable of laying multiple Totems will benefit from the Ancestral Warchief’s corresponding multipliers for the Totem Placement Speed. This gives players more options to deal more difficult parts of the game. Given this skill’s additional layer of option and strategy, solo quest missions will be easier too.

If you are not sure which poe builds will gain the most out of this skill, please check the popular (and tested) builds below:

Dual Spark Critical Totem Build - if you like Lightning and Critical damage, then this is the build for you. Unique PoE Currency is required for this build as well, although acquiring Call of the Brotherhood will raise the build’s effectiveness (15-25% Increased Lightning Damage, 30-40% increased Mana Regen), as well as Maligaro’s Virtousity for the Crit and Evasion boost. This build has been tested for several times against Atziri and is proven effective.


Dual Flame Totem Build - cheap but effective build. Offensive affixes on equipment required for this build revolve on Fire mainly, Spell and Elemental Damage. Other supporting affixes are Increased Cast and Projectile Speed which can help raise the lethality of this build. The cornerstone skills are Flame Totem, Faster Casting, Fire Penetration (allowing user to tackle targets with Fire Resistance easily) and Elemental Focus for the Dual Flame Totem Build. Reflect Damage is also not an issue in this build which makes it ideal for both new and veteran players.

Elemental Buzzsaw Build - The build shows high DPS and cheap requirements for Path of Exile items, such as exalted orb, but the build’s maximum potential has not been explored. There are several Hybrid Totem builds available for players to try and experiment. Some have tried Dual Flame with Crit and seemed good enough, however, it is better to try either Dual Flame Totem or Dual Spark Critical if this is your first Totem build. Path of Exile’s gameplay and system is free flowing and you may decide later if the build is not for you. If you want to know more poe news, please check MmoGah.


How to Choose a Reliable FIFA 18 Coins Seller without Being Scammed

How to choose a reliable fifa 18 coins seller without being scammed is a common issue before players buying fifa18 coins. Even some players are afraid of buying fut coins, since the risk of being scammed.
When you search “fifa 18 coins”, “buy fifa 18 coins” or “fifa 18 coins kaufen” in google, lots of results will appear on your eyes. So you must try your best to find a reliable site to avoid being scammed. To master the way to distinguish scam from legit is very important for you.
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Guide to Four Events in DFO

DFO Season 3 Act 07. Luke the Constructor released on Sep 19. It's been 3 weeks since the raid against the almighty 9th apostle started. Many adventurers took on the challenge and confronted Luke, only to meet their inevitable demise.
To give everyone an additional shot at Luke, DFO official site opens Luke Raid on Sunday for the next 2 weeks! Here MmoGah.com would like to share the four events with dfo fans.

Luke One More Time
Event Period: Oct 10 ~ Nov 07, 2017
Do not miss this chance to acquire additional Monolium, Monster Cards and Lv. 90 Epic Equipment!

Bingo Returns Again
Event Period: Oct 10 ~ Oct 24, 2017


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The Clockwork City DLC Game Pack of ESO will Be Released this Month

The Clockwork City DLC game pack of ESO is coming to PC/Mac this month and to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One in early November! Check out the release details for this exciting new DLC content and learn about how you can enjoy the Clockwork City prologue quest in game right now!


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We're excited to announce that the Clockwork City DLC game pack will be released on October 23 for PC/Mac and November 7 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. This DLC game pack will be free to ESO Plus members and available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.
In addition to the base version, the Clockwork City Collector's Bundle will be also available for 4000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store and will include the DLC game pack, the Clockwork Skeevaton pet, the Kagouti Fabricant mount, and Five Crown Experience Scrolls.

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This Month in World of Warcraft: October 2017

The month of October has some spooktacular events that will have gnomes running their little legs off.  From Hallow’s End to the Running of the Gnomes, please follow MmoGah to take part in these sweet treats in World of Warcraft!



[OCTOBER 10-17]


While this event is active, your pets will earn experience at triple the usual rate! Get out there and battle!




Join the Gnomes as they celebrate their unrelenting moxie! Race across the Eastern Kingdoms, from Gnomeregan down to Booty Bay!


[OCTOBER 17–24]


We have put more PvP in your PvP! In Packed House, there is nowhere to hide as you face not 2, not 3, not 5, but 15 adversaries in this 15 vs. 15 Arena battle.


[OCTOBER 17–24]


While this event is active, players’ level 71 or higher may access a special Timewalking Dungeon Finder queue, which scales players and their items down to revisit past dungeons from The Burning Crusade expansion. While Timewalking, bosses will yield loot appropriate for a player’s regular level. During Burning Crusade Timewalking, you may assemble a raid group of between 10 and 30 players, travel to Shattrath City in Outland, and speak with Vormu to access a Timewalking version of the Black Temple raid.

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Blade and Soul: Rage of the Hive Queen Will Launch on October 18

Continue the ongoing saga, with exciting raid content and eerie events.

October has arrived and during this sinister season, we bring news of a brand new update for Blade and Soul that features a welcome return from our favorite mystery merchant, the continuation of the Aransu school saga and the introduction of a new raid boss! Here MmoGah (a professional BNS Gold site) will share more details with Blade & Soul players.

Temple of Eluvium – The Hive Queen


Zulia has sought refuge deep within the mysterious inner chambers of the Temple of Eluvium; and you will need to follow her. Lost in her rage and fear, Zulia has no desire to be found, and has turned the Temple’s preternatural guardians against any who dare enter. Should you manage to survive the onslaught of the giant Augerites, powerful fiends, and twisted harpies, you will need to face Zulia herself—as the newly crowned Queen of the Hive.

Fallen Aransu School


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Path of Exile: The Perandus Leagues Wealth

The Perandus leagues have been the most successful challenge leagues till now in Path of Exile, and it seems that the players have become fond of it due to the amount of Path of Exile Items there. The story behind the Perandus leagues is interesting too, which perhaps matches Ascendancy weight and substance.

These leagues are based on the Perandus family, which is sort of like Medici family in real-life 15th century Florence. They are powerful families that control a vast majority of the Eternal Empire's wealth, but affected by the Cataclysm. Cadiro Perandus is an NPC in the leagues, which can stash away much of their treasure in secret caches spread throughout Wraeclast, players can find in zones after defeating their guards.


By exchanging Perandus Coins for PoE Currency, players can take advantage of Cadiro Perandus' greed for coin. Those Perandus Coins are coins you'd want to look for at first, and you can also trade with other players in the hope of getting better poe items from Cadiro. Actually, he has quite a few PoE items that may be of good use to you, such as poe exalted orb.

Although there’re a lot more stories of the Perandus leagues, which is something that Grinding Gear Games tend to expand in-game lore, let's get to see what the leagues have to do for now. In addition to the usual challenges and other commonalities, there are the aforementioned items. The unique items are designed for these leagues, and they're indeed hard to get since nothing affects Perandus coin acquisition.

They are designed not to be strong, but enough to be worthy of myth and legend. For example, the Varunastra, a Vaal blade inspires from Hindu mythology. This is a one-handed sword that has wide range of bonuses and a potentially strong one in making the weapon count as all one-handed melee weapon types. For different one-handed weapon types, that last part makes you pile on the passives and other bonuses.


Trypanon is a two-handed great mallet that is inspired by the obsolete medical practice of trepanning. Although it has reduced attack speed, this thing makes all your attacks count as critical strikes. But when you build a character around it, then that shouldn't be a problem, especially for the increased stun duration.

In the Sacrifice of the Vaal storyline, Zerphi's Last Breath is a curious-looking grand mana flask that is inspired by a minor character. As Zerphi has a maintained youthful appearance by slaughtering innocent Vaal citizens, this flask lets you gain an amount of life equal to the mana cost of a skill used multiplied by a percentage while this flask is in effect. This is an unbelievably powerful item that can be a great asset in Hardcore play when mastered.

There are other two unique items, Seven-League Step grants increased movement speed and Umbilicus Immortalis lets flasks apply to your zombies and specters at the cost of not applying to you. That’s why players are going nuts over Perandus, and for good reason indeed. Thanks for your reading, more useful poe news, please visit MmoGah.


A Spookily Good October for RuneScape Fans

For RuneScape fans, this October will be a time to survive, protect, celebrate and donate. MmoGah shares with you the details of the content of this month.

The first update to talk about this month is a brand new, completely free game mode called Dimension of the Damned. Combat, crafting and cooperation are the focus in this exciting, time limited, two-week zombie fest, where you control a fully maxed version of your normal account.

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Starting from October 16, the gameplay is focussed around Falador and a free-to-play environment, surrounded by legions of the damned.
Protect your group by constructing barricades, or use them to upset the competition in the area. Each player can earn points by killing the wide variety of zombie types - including 10-man boss encounters - which can be spent in Falador on loot boxes. Unique equipment, power-ups and useful materials can be found, helping you rack up more points and hopefully earn yourself an invitation to the unique endgame.
This grand finale will take place on the 28th of October. Each invited player starts game with zero points, but this time, death is permanent. Over the course of two hours, the world slowly shrinks in size with more and more monsters spawning until finally, only one player remains. Unique prizes and glorious recognition await!
The update is totally free and all accounts start at max level, so it's a great time to buddy up with new friends and old.

In fact, free players have it really good this month, with a big batch of previously members-only content becoming available to all.
This is the biggest bundle of newly free-to-play content to date, including seven quests, the Fletching skill, two D&Ds, the Warriors' Guild, craftable off-hands, crossbows, more places to explore and more magical and ranged armour.
There really has never been a better time to pop in-game and give RuneScape a go, so if you've got any friends sitting on the fence, be sure to bring them in.



This year’s Hallowe'en update sticks strongly with supernatural spookery and focusses on storytelling. You'll uncover sad tales from tormented ghosts around the world and help solve some putrid puzzles to help put them to rest. Half of the stories from the miniquest have been taken directly from fantastic player submissions. Available - in part - to both free and members, rewards include a new Hallowe'en emote, title and a great cosmetic outfit allowing you to become a headless rider!

Looking for something less gruesome? Check out Novtumberfest!


This is the first outing of Gielinor's thirst-quenching beer festival – a massive beach-style event with plenty of great activities to tuck into as you take a break from the weighty duties of the World Guardian.
Try out the new seasonal minigame, Kegger, practice table dancing and ride on the giant carousel, or join in on the latest epic bar crawl across the world. There will be plenty of rewards await you, including barrel pets, wolpertingers, thigh-slapping outfits, new dance emotes, and a healthy chunk of XP too. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/a-spookily-good-october-for-runescape-fans


The Eternal Chasm of Revelation Online on October 12th

Welcome to the Eternal Chasm of Revelation Online – a gaping maw that leads into the very heart of Nuanor itself, where nothing is ever as it seems.


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Composed of dank tunnel networks that constantly alternate in layout to waylay intruders, this mystical phenomenon serves as home to some of the vilest creatures known to the realm, ready to spill out into the world and wreak utter havoc.
Founded by the first King of Nuanor, the chasm was once fortified by his Eternal Guards in an attempt to protect what was to be its sole occupant – the ancestral dragon, previous mount of the past 5 wardens – in an attempt to preserve it from the threat of demonification.

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Guide to FUT 18 Team of the Week 3 (TOTW 3)

FIFA 18 launched on September 29 and its release was a big hit, apparently. Now FIFA players has reached 1.6 million across all platforms for the first weekend
FIFA 18 Team of the Week (TOTW) is becoming a regular feature in FIFA 18. It is a big part of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Is your squad ready? Weekend League is back this Friday! Play for great rewards this month.

The FUT 18 TOTW 3 cards for Ultimate Team are now live on the PS4, Xbox One, PC Web App and Nintendo Switch, and it will be around for a week until Oct 11.
The big point for the new TOTW is that Yarmolenko (84 rated) is also a One to Watch (OTW) player card.


For more details, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/guide-to-fut-18-team-of-the-week-3-totw-3.

NBA 2K18 Tips: How to Unlock Ankle Breaker Badge

In NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode, busting some dribble moves to break past an enemy’s defenses is easier said than done when you are starting out with a 60 overall character. While you spend VC into upgrading your ball control attribute, unlocking the Ankle Breaker Badge and upgrading it is the best way to improve your crossover moves. Fortunately, unlocking the Ankle Breaker badge is very easy in NBA 2K18. MmoGah shares with you the fastest way to get Ankle Breaker Badge.


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To unlock the Ankle Breaker badge, you don’t need to make defenders fall down to the ground with your mad dribble moves, you just need to perform dribble drives successfully in matches or in the team practice court.

Flicking the right stick recklessly won’t get you anywhere in NBA 2K18, you should learn how to perform dribble moves. Flicking the right stick in a certain direction accordingly makes your character perform a certain dribble move, so you’d better practice this via the team practice court in MyCareer. Note that having a higher ball control attribute will also make your character more effective and snappier in performing dribble moves, so consider upgrading this attribute if you’re having a particularly rough time.

If your character has a low ball control attribute, selecting the Ankle Breaker badge in the team practice court is the best way to unlock the badge. Unlike other badges, there’s no badge-specific drill for Ankle Breaker. However, it’s quite easy to level up the badge. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/nba-2k18-tips-how-to-unlock-ankle-breaker-badge

How to Make More Rewarding for Leagues in PoE

In Path of Exile, whatever players do, most of the gameplay is all about the feeling of reward, from the usual work to combat culmination of all previous efforts. Although the game does well enough for the most part about this, there are certain parts could use some work. One of those parts is the leagues, which have a glaring flaw before Ascendancy comes about.

While there is much fun to have in the leagues, it can be said that the only time you'd expect to get reward for playing something like a Hardcore league is the time you've reached the endgame, with a high leveled character decked out in Path of Exile Items and following a particular build to show  efforts. In addition, in the middle of that pursuit, there isn't much else other than the journey itself and not much else.


It can be said that it's all about the journey and not just the destination, there should be a feeling of reward during proceedings and not the end of it. There's a reason why some players quit in the middle of their progress in the game. It's not because of the game fun, but those players have gotten bored at that point and want to go on to do other things. That's not really the game's fault, but they can be encouraged to take their characters further. During this proceedings, players need certain PoE Currency.

It seems that there are lots of things to keep players in the game at lower levels in Ascendancy. Perandus is a good example, as it's possible for players to get a decent amount of poe exalted orbs despite not getting good uniques from him. Even when RNG is not on your side, you're not getting scammed. Also, there are low level unique PoE Items that aren't gated behind outrageous prices such as chaos orb, which means that anyone can get them.

The Perandus league is getting so much positive feedback and it's possible that more like it can pop up in the future. Being able to save up Perandus Coins or get lucky with a good unique makes for a league that gives players earlier in the game. It is handy to have a good low level unique or two to aid leveling, and the potential of a big payday isn't far from reality with poe items like Maligaro's Virtuosity. It has made success where leagues like Talisman have somewhat failed.


It looks like Grinding Gear Games is taking the game towards a positive direction after all. As more and more people get to play Ascendancy and the Perandus league, the brighter future seems for the game this year. That’s all for it, if you would like to read more poe news, please check MmoGah.