Runescape Event: Aiding the Exile

Today, on June 19, sees a new event of Runescape kick off within the Golden City: Aiding the Exile.
Save the date and immerse yourself in everything that’s coming to the event. You can make enough rs gold in advance and be part of the world's greatest Runescape fan gathering.
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Speak to the shady lurker by the Menaphos front gates to get started collecting Menaphite coins, earned as you train combat or skills within Menaphos itself or the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
You’ll get +20% Menaphite coins from training Mining, Thieving, Fishing or Woodcutting. Please note, however, that you won’t be able to earn currency from Daily Challenges, as these can’t be handed in within the city.
You can unlock some sweet rewards, including magic carpet rest and teleport animations.
If you need to catch up, or just fancy speeding things up, you can purchase Menaphite coins with Runecoins at the Rewards Store.
Please note: since the event is set only in Menaphos, we have made the decision to remove the daily cap on earning Menaphite coins. RuneCoins will be refunded for any cap extenders purchased within a few days - keep an eye on your message centre.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-event-aiding-the-exile


SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of June 19, 2017

In order to celebrate the ‘Summer of SWTOR’ with Starfighter-themed gear like the Stardrive Spark speeder, rare in-game Pets, and more! Those are really worthwhile for gamers to spend your swtor credits, no second chance. Here are this week’s exotic Cartel Market goods (June 20 - June 27):

Gold Decoration Pack: Decorations Bundle Pack (800 Cartel Coins)
Each pack grants one Gold-quality Stronghold Decoration, drawn randomly from the full collection. No matter where you call home in the galaxy, this ‘best-of’ decoration pack has something to fit your style. Therefore there’s never been a better time to stock up on decorations!


Stardrive Spark: Direct Sale Mount (1,500 Cartel Coins)
Jet across the galaxy with this fan-favorite, Starfighter-themed speeder. Transform your Stardrive Spark into one of two forms with Mount Flourish (press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard): Travel with arms folded in for aerodynamic flight, then extend the ship’s wings when firepower and agility are required.

Ebon Hawk: Direct Sale Pet (240 Cartel Coins)
The legendary ship whose name is both respected and feared across the galaxy, so it’s really a good time to get it. Carry its legacy along your journeys with this iconic in-game pet!


Turret Simulator: Direct Sale Toy (480 Cartel Coins)
This can protect your space cargo! Hop on this Starfighter-themed Rest & Recharge item to regenerate health and take down hostile forces.

Model GSS-5C Dustmaker: Direct Sale Pet (240 Cartel Coins)
There are few Gunships more feared across the galaxy than the GSS-5C Dustmaker, designed by Imperial engineers to raze cities and decimate enemy spacecraft. This miniature version of the legendary Starfighter will follow you on your adventures - and is sure to draw the envy of friend and foe alike!


Silver Decoration Pack: Decorations Bundle Pack (325 Cartel Coins)
Silver Decoration Bundle pack: each pack contains one Silver or Gold-quality Stronghold Decoration or Label, drawn randomly from the full collection! If you want to upgrade your space pad but on a tight budget, Silver Decoration Pack is a good choice.

Upcoming Item Embargo: 25% Off ‘Last Chance’ Sale (All items 25% off)
It’s really the last chance to get so cheap items below - the official is taking them off the market and there’s no telling when they’ll be back! To send them off in style, and all these items is sold at 25% off regular prices:
Exterminator’s Armor Set
Huttsbane Armor Set
Investigator’s Armor Set
Destroyer’s Armor Set
CZ-13K Guerilla Armor Set
Outlaw’s Armor Set
Noble Commander’s Armor Set
Pathfinder’s Armor Set
MA-44 Armor Set
X-3 Techmaster’s Armor Set

Orlean LE-5
Longspur Sportster
Aratech Rose
Cavern Varactyl
Czerka CR-17 Incendia

M8-M0 Astromech Droid
W4-K2 Astromech Droid

Rancor Holo-Replica
Carbonite Chamber
Data Entry
Kick the Huttball

Minor Starfighter Experience Boost
Major Starfighter Experience Boost
5-pack Major Starfighter Experience Boost
Command Boost (the 25% boost)
5-Pack Command Boost (the 25% boost)
Major Warzone XP Boost Bundle

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9 Must-Read Tips for Beginners in FIFA 17

FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most important features in FIFA 17, offering a deep and endlessly simulation of how you can build and maintain a world-beating team. Hit the links for advice on how to earn coins, maximize team chemistry and create a winning team.

However you look at it, you're not going to get very far in FIFA if you can't kick the ball into the net. A professional fifa coins seller (MmGah.com) offers best formation that'll help you dominate the pitch and score many goals.

Here’s our best advice for building a quality team quickly and learning the tricks. These essential tips will ensure you score an immediate advantage that exceeds all your friends.


Master the perfect free kicks
If you can’t control your free kicks or curl them past the keeper, FIFA 17 free kicks tricks will give you best ways to help you add to your set piece tally.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa-17/9-must-read-tips-for-beginners-in-fifa-17.

Skill Gems in Path of Exile

What are Path of Exile Skill Gems? Skills follow a traditional path in RPG. You can acquire skills through experienced user moves up the ladder to equip and use the skill as a basic. Becoming a medium level player or expert/grandmaster will be the dream of all players. Skills range from the staple bunch which users are automatically given. In Path of Exile, skills are acquired through gems. Skill gems can be obtained in multiple ways which include loot dropped from killing enemies, purchased from vendors, and quest rewards.

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Using Skill Gems
You can use skill gems when you have them equipped. You will find the skill presets in the bottom right corner of the UI. They will be placed in this area automatically as you equip skills. Pressing the corresponding keys or buttons will activate the skills.

If want to use different skills or you have more skills than buttons, you can place the mouse cursor over the skill or button to change the left mouse button, it will bring up all your skills. You can then choose one you want and map it to that button.

Support Gems
Gems have own attributes. Not all gems drops are the same. You can find 2 types, skill and support. There is a very significant difference. Skill gems give you skills where support gems enhance the skills. Support gem icons are usually more circular in nature and they will have the word support in the title. These are important as they can make skills much more powerful.


More contents about poe skill gems, please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/skill-gems-in-path-of-exile

What Is ISO in NBA 2K17

When talking about NBA 2K17, gamers sometimes speak of “ISO”. But what is ISO? ISO is a short form for Isolation. Isolation Play is often used near the end of the game. With 10 seconds left on the clock and a team needing a basket, many coaches will just give the ball to their best scorer and ask the star to make something happen.


Isolation plays take advantage of a team's best player. Scorers want to score, and ISO plays give them the opportunities they want. But these plays can also exploit matchups with weaker players, if a team doesn't have a good defender at a certain position or lacks the size and speed to stop a top scorer or the key defender is in trouble with injury or foul, when you have players as talented as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on your roster, you're going to score points off of isolation plays.

However, there's a significant downside to isolation ball. Teams that become too reliant on a single player can become stagnant on offense, one-dimensional, and too vulnerable if they are facing a defender like Memphis forward Tony Allen. It requires the ball handler to shoot quickly and perfectly to make ISO really efficient. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/what-is-iso-in-nba-2k17 


How to Buy the ESO Items without Being Safely

To be the strongest hero in the Elder Scrolls Online, you do not only need to have the most powerful skills but also need to equip your class with the excellent items. Buying ESO Items is an important part in ESO. Almost every players are in need of ESO items merely in various degrees to improve their skills or speed up their levels. For saving more time and energy, many players choose to buy ESO items instead of farming them by themselves. That is the basic requirement, but many players may think about how to buy Elder Scrolls Online Items without being scammed among so many ESO Items sellers. Well, this article will answer the question and dispel all the misgivings.


How to avoid getting scammed?
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Use Secure Delivery Method secondly
MmgGah provide you two methods for delivery items
1. Mailbox [Recommended]: We mail ESO Item(s) to you via in-game Mailbox, which is convenient and you will receive item(s) fast.
2. Face-to-Face: We meet you at a place in game and give you item(s).
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Paul George Plans to Leave the Franchise in the summer of 2018

The Indiana Pacers star Paul George, who appears on the cover of NBA 2K17, is one of the NBA players that has been mentioned much by fans these days. Today he has finally informed the Indiana Pacers that he plans to become a free agent next summer and prefers to sign with the Lakers once he is a free agent.


Now, the latest news is that the Pacers began shopping George's services this weekend, including a phone call to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cavaliers are willing to enter into trade talks for George without any assurances he will commit to a long-term deal in Cleveland and Cleveland is confident its championship culture and overall atmosphere could sway George to want to stay after playing out the 2017-18 season on the final year of his deal. It is said that Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will be the two assets that would grab the Pacers’ attention in a potential swap. But it is hard to agree to part with these two great players without any verbal commitment from George that he will stay in Cleveland beyond 2018. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/paul-george-plans-to-leave-the-franchise-in-the-summer-of-2018


How to Shoot Perfect Shots in NBA 2K17

In NBA 2K17, one thing people has noticed is that it is difficult to get  green releases, now we will share a method that allows you to become a better shooter.


Whenever you’re controlling your player on the floor, you will notice a blue circular bar underneath your character. As you move further away from the hoop, you will notice that the blue bar will decrease in length. This is because that blue circle represents your range, when you try to make a shot from a long range, you will find it pretty hard to make a shot and get a 3-point score.

Now let’s try to shoot. You will see a white bar increasing to cover the blue bar, you need to fill up the blue bar with the white bar all the way to the end. However, that’s not easy to do because once the white bar reaches the end of the blue bar, it will quickly fall back. So, you need to time it perfectly such that you hit the release button at the exact moment the white bar hits the end of the bottom blue bar. If you hit the button at the exact moment, you will see the bar turns green, this indicates you made a perfect shot. Remember, you’d better use the right stick for the shot to get consistent shots at the basket. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/how-to-shoot-perfect-shots-in-nba-2k17 


FFXIV Patch 4.0 Is Fully Released

Today FFXIV Stormblood is early accessed. As the best ffxiv gil selling website, Mmogah knows that tens of thousands of ffxiv fans can’t wait to experience the new patch gameplays, the new main scenario quests, new areas, new housing, new jobs and new improved battle system. So all ffxiv players should pay attention to choose your discipline wisely, and journey forth to explore lands unknown. With the addition of swimming and diving, extensive battle system adjustments, and myriad improvements to other pre-existing systems, there is much to see and more to do in the far reaches of Eorzea and beyond! Now, let’s see the main new patch introductions:
Playable Content
You all should know that players must progress through the main scenario quests introduced in patch 4.0 to access new areas. Once players log out in these new areas, they cannot log back in using a platform that has not registered Stormblood.


Myriad quests is introduced to Patch 4.0, in addition to the main scenario. As such, there may be cases where the patch notes only cite the initial quest in a series, or omit quests entirely to prevent spoilers. The official staff encourage players to explore and discover what new stories and adventures await.


A new experience points bonus system has been implemented for FATEs in 4.0 areas.


Grand and Free Companies:
New craftable items have been added to the Company Workshop.


By completing the quest, players will be able to teleport to the residential district directly via the Aethernet in Kugane. When entering Shirogane prior to completing certain main scenario quests, players will be unable to leave via gate entrances. In such cases, the official ask players please use Teleport or Return to leave the area.

Please note that players will only be able to visit the first ward of Shirogane upon the release of patch 4.0. The sale of plots and apartments will begin in a future update.


Battle System:
The level cap for all Disciples of War and Magic has been raised to 70. The samurai and red mage jobs have been added. These jobs have no corresponding classes and begin at level 50.
Two New Jobs:
Samurai (Role: DPS)


Red Mage (Role: DPS)


Substantial revisions have been made to the PvP system. The PvP system has undergone a number of significant changes including adjustments to character attributes, actions, and the introduction of PvP-specific UI elements. Please read below for further information.


Due to the volume of items added with the release of patch 4.0, they will not be listed in the patch notes.


A new market board has been added to Kugane. Reduced tax rates have been adjusted in accordance with the addition of a new market board.


From the above contents, you can see how awesome the new stormblood is. If you want to know more details, you can go to the official website. Are you ready to have a try? By the way, if you need more gil, Mmogah is just here waiting for you.

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How to Make Crafting in Path of Exile

Crafting in Path of Exile is different from other games. There’s no gold economy in Path of Exile. Don’t start with basic components and then build a poe item. You can start with a premade poe item, and change its abilities, stats, or spells. You can change the quantity of sockets, the colors, and how they are linked. Also you can change the quality, which means more base damage to weapons or armor to armor pieces. Finally you can change the spell modifiers. This might be damage or resistance. It is based on poe currency which each has its own use. What is the use of these path of exile items? Crafting.

At the mention of buying poe items, poe currency and poe exalted orb. Most players first think about good reputation, honesty and professional reps, MmoGah, as a big gaming brand, has obtained most players’ acceptance. For example, FFXIV, FIFA17, TOS and ROI etc. have ranked No. 1 in Google, which means that MmoGah is a reliable gaming website. Also we have 7/24 hours’ full experienced reps to service for you, when you face any problems please feel free to contact us, we can guarantee to supply the best service for all players.


Tips for crafting a poe item
Your item is so good that it is extremely difficult to level up.
You need an upgrade or you won’t survive in the next boss encounter.
You’re in a race and need an upgrade ASAP to show you upper hand.
You’ve found a good poe item that needs to be leveled up but it needs better links, colors and sockets.
Be reasonable. You will need your poe orbs later on. If you just want a decent upgrade over a decent poe item, 10 Chaos orbs or so might get you there if you’re lucky.

Basic Crafting Guide
This is as basic as it gets, and usually it is applicable to the first two difficult modes: Normal and Cruel. There are three things you need to do if you have a white poe item and need to get better. Transmute it with an Orb of Transmutation and hope for a decent magic poe item. Taking a chance with an Orb of Chance and hope for a decent rare item or even a unique. Using an Orb of Chance on a white item to get either a magic, rare or unique version of the item. The rarity is chosen completely randomly.

You have a few options to level up a normal poe item to either a magic or rare item. They don't require very expensive poe currency, but don't expect you will have much more customization either. One poe orb usually does the job. Using an Orb of Alchemy inventory which makes your white item rare. These basic methods are not expensive but their outcome is arbitrary.


Rules for Crafting
Rule 1
Not all mods can spawn on all items. For instance, movement speed mods can only spawn on boots. IIR/IIQ mods cannot spawn on chest pieces, weapons, belts or shields. Increased attack speed can only spawn on Weapons/Quivers, rings etc.

More information about this please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-make-crafting-in-path-of-exile

The Warriors against the Bulls in NBA 2K17

2017 is the year of the Warriors. Throughout this season, the Golden State Warriors made themselves ranked among the greatest teams in NBA history. Are they taking the place of the 1996 Bulls to be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)? According to the Warriors’ performance, some people think the Warriors pull ahead of the Bulls by a slim margin. NBA 2K used NBA 2K17 to make a simulation to pit the 2017 Warriors against the 1996 Bulls. The conclusion is that the Warriors won the series 60% of the time. The Warriors didn’t have an answer for MJ, but the Bulls couldn’t match the firepower of the Warriors.


But many people say results of such sort of comparisons depend on the rules under which the game is played. It would make the Bulls the favorite to play under the rules of hand-checking. But in the no-handcheck era, the Warriors' current roster is much better suited and would have some serious speed and shooter advantages at several key positions. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/the-warriors-against-the-bulls-in-nba-2k17


What are the Best Classes in Tree of Savior Right Now

In tree of savior, although many players think that Swordsman DPS may be worse than some DPS classes, actually it is not bad as you imagine. Players just do not really want to have a DPS archer or wizard, because it is small and slight injury swordsman that you must tank it. Now let’s talk about the best classes in TOS.

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To get damage moves you can use your rank 6/7/8 picks, and your rank 1/2/3/4/5 picks can get buffs as there are 8 circles. The way of most Archer builds are structured and your early class picks go towards buffs, you can learn to get +25% crit rate and don’t forget that Archer2 has an attribute.

Ranger1 or Ranger2 or Ranger3 has a move that gives a bonus to ability damage (10% at Ranger 1st circle, 15% at Ranger 2nd circle, and 20% at Ranger 3rd circle). Rogue1 is an alternation to Archer2. Instead of giving a percentage crit bonus, Rogue gives a flat crit rate, so you can put your stats into STR instead of DEX.

Falconer1- the moves will hit more targets with circling. The big damage move options for Archer are Schwarzer Reiter3 which is an AoE specialist. Specifically, this game has a stat called AoE attack ratio, which determines how many targets your AoE move can hit. SR ignores it completely and just hits up to 15.

Fletcher3 is a single target specialist, the best move is called Magic Arrow, which drops fire at a location, and has a 5 seconds’ cooldown with lots of moves 0 cooldown or low cooldown. Fletcher opens up at rank 5, so Fletcher3 can only make you reach rank 7. The typical rank 8 pick is Mergen.

Musketeer2 stands out for a Rank8 attribute that causes all guns damages hitting a target to deal double damage. This includes all their musketeer skills, but Schwarzer Reiters will stay in your party.


More information about this please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/tos/what-are-the-best-classes-in-tree-of-savior-right-now

Kevin Durant Led the Warriors to Win the 2017 NBA Title

Warriors got their revenge and became champions with 129-120 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 5 on Monday night. Kevin Durant won finals MVP, he became just the sixth player in NBA history to score 30 or more points in each game of a finals. He proved his value all over the court with dominant play inside, great outside shooting and tenacious defense as the Warriors beat the Cavaliers.


Despite the series lasting just five games, the Cavaliers gave quite a scare in the Warriors by almost winning Game 3, dominating Golden State in Game 4, and then playing them hard until the final minutes of Game 5. LeBron James averaged a triple-double for the series, Kyrie Irving was at his absolute best, but they were simply outgunned as Durant and Stephen Curry carried the Warriors' offense through the series. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/kevin-durant-led-the-warriors-to-win-the-2017-nba-title


Revelation: Server Merge have taken place on June 14th

The last few months have been exciting for Revelation Online and its community. My.com have added new features and continue to polish the game, they’re constantly looking to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience for the community. Recent upgrades to the servers and upcoming localizations of the game make population merges are necessary and a very positive event for the community. Merges have taken place on June 14thalready!


To get ready for the Server Merge, maybe you want to buy some Revelation Online Coins beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient Revelation Gold seller, MmoGah. MmoGah.com is ranked No. 1 during searching “Revelation Online Gold” in Google. If you are afraid of having a try, here’s a guide of where is the best place to buy Revelation Online gold. Why not just have a try?
Increased server capacity
My.com have made huge improvements into the server infrastructure to ensure stability and capacity. The servers can now efficiently host many more players than they originally could. A large and well-populated server has the highest benefits for the community: It allows for more opportunities for old and new players to have more competitors in PvP content be that in Battlegrounds, Clan Wars, Guild Tournaments and even open-world PvP. Players who enjoy PvE content such as raids and dungeons will be able to find groups much more easily for larger and harder content such as the 20-man instances.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/revelation-online/revelation-online-server-merge

Guild Wars 2 Automated Tournaments and Changes in the Heart of the Mists


ArenaNet is making substantial changes to the Heart of the Mists by introducing a new way for Guild Wars 2 players to compete as an organized team, a new area where GW2 players can gather to celebrate their achievements, and a few other surprises in the June 20 update.

What's the Automated Tournament?

Automated tournaments are Swiss-style tournaments for Guild Battles. These competitions take place three times daily, and are staggered to allow guild wars 2 players from different time zones to take part. Competitors, by performing well through the automated rounds for a month, will have the opportunity to participate in the tournament at the end of each month which can offer large amounts of Tournament Reward Points as prizes.

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You can check out the content below to know more about Automated Tournaments and Changes in the Heart of the Mists.

“Git Gud”

Automated tournaments are the new peak of player vs. player competition in Guild Wars 2. You will be able to compete in three different daily single-elimination tournaments as part of a five-person team to earn gold and qualifying points—the latter of which can land you a spot in the monthly tournament. These tournaments will offer some of the most prestigious prizes in GW2 PvP, including the Glorious Hero’s armor set. Monthly tournament winners can also earn Mystic Coins and llama minis, and their likenesses will be sculpted into statues to stand at the PvP lobby entrance as a challenge to all competitors until the next monthly tournament.

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/guild-wars-2-automated-tournaments-and-changes-in-the-heart-of-the-mists

Runescape 3 and Old School, Which One Do You Like Better?

Now there are popular version Runescap 3 and Old School which still appeals lots of runescap folks to play the old giant MMO. Both version have their different features: RuneScape 3 had a large collection of new features, released on 22 July 2013, including a reworked orchestrated soundtrack, a new customizable user interface, and new camera controls. Old School RuneScape (sometimes referred to as 2007scape) is Jagex’s official term for a previous version of the RuneScape game that was introduced from a backup of the RuneScape source code as it had been on 10 August 2007. For runescape 3 and old school, which one is more worthwhile for you to spend your runescape gold? Let’s see what some professional players say.


“In my opinoin, RS3 is much better than OSRS. I’ve played RS since 2001, so I’ve played Classic, RS2, RS3, and then went back played OSRS as well for a bit, but nostalga doesn’t make the grind any more enjoyable when I know there are better things out there in RS3.

What makes RS3 better to me? I’d say there are two major factors. Quality of Life and PvM.
First are the quality of life changes to RS available in RS3. For example, the skilling action interface automatically crafting every item in your inventory rather than having to click a needle, click a leather, select what to craft... repeat... click an herb, click a vial... over and over again, it’s just unnecessary repetition that is not fun. Bank presets are amazing. Soul Split, Blood necklaces, legendary pets, summoning pets and many other things that allow you to extend trips to bosses or slayer training for so much longer allowing you to do more of what you enjoy, less not fun stuff like running to the bank to restock.

Second, the PvM (PvE), with ability based combat you can have much more interesting and engaging boss encounters. Combat is just so much more fun for me this way. Combat takes skill and planning to know what abilities to use when. Bosses have abilities which you learn to counter / respond to. It’s not just use a prayer that makes you invulnerable to an attack style and switch prayers, but use abilities to stun the boss to stop an attack, or use an ability to save yourself from an instant-kill hit.

Now as far as other games go... There are no other games like RuneScape. You can find other games that have a similar camera angle, or click to move, but that’s not what makes RuneScape what it is. RS is very unique in a genre of its own. It’s a sandbox that has it’s fair share of grind, with a huge variety of ways to train each skill (not all being efficient). It has quests that range from short shorties to huge adventures that take you all around the entire game world. It has a large variety of content that is accessible and fun at many level ranges, you don’t have to be maxed out to get into bossing now a days, you can do God Wars 1 with 70s in your combat skills. And much more that I just haven't found another game out there that is similar to RuneScape. And to be honest, I really don’t think that another game can be made like RS and be successful.”- jb_hazed


“OSRS has some drama happening ATM due to the OSRS staff now starting to force politics into the game and divided the community quite a bit. I’d wait a few weeks before getting into it.

RS3 is great for people who only have 2-3 hours a day to play and make decent progress while also offering much better afking/multitasking ways to train skills.

OSRS on the otherhand isn’t meant for casuals as the time you get a single max level in RS3 (99 for most skills) it’d take probably 3 times longer to get in OSRS. However OSRS is great if you love grinding/old mmorpgs where it actually took months to get “end game” stuff.

PvP however is basically whoever rolls the highest of the random number generator.”- SOTO

“For me OSRS for the full nostalgia experience and more of a ‘core Runescape’ experience.

If you want a lot of quality of life/convenient things like teleports, more minigames, updated mechanics, etc. then you could try out RS3. IMO the games feel distinctly different in a lot of ways, but RS3 still feels familiar. Not a fan of the combat system in RS3, I feel like the game engine revolving around the 0.6 tick makes combat really jagged. You can always switch to Legacy combat though :)”- boredhabbo

All in all, RS3 is great for people who only have 2-3 hours a day to play and make decent progress while also offering much better afking/multitasking ways to train skills. OSRS on the other hand isn’t meant for casuals as the time you get a single max level in RS3 (99 for most skills) it’d take probably 3 times longer to get in OSRS. However OSRS is great if you love grinding/old mmorpgs where it actually took months to get “end game” stuff.

What are the Most Useful PoE Items

When you play Path of Exile for several days, you will find that there are many poe items in this game, and some of the poe items are very useful, which can help you to level up your outfits especially for green hand players. So what kind of items do we need and the most helpful for us? Let’s talk about this in the following.

Maybe some poe players don’t want to spend too much time to farm exalted orbs, poe items and poe currency. As they want to save more valuable time to do other things instead of farming. As a reliable and high reputational gaming website, MmoGah would like to provide safe and cheap poe items, poe currency and poe exalted orbs for all players. Also we have 7/24 hours online reps to guarantee your orders can be delivered quickly, you can feel free to contact us and our service reps will help you to solve any problems you face. Our goal is to set up first class brand in gaming industry.


Shavronne’s Wrappings
In poe it is called Shavs also, this chest armor is one of the most expensive PoE items because it has property "Chaos Damage. Also it does not bypass Energy Shield" along with a good amount of energy shield. Because of this, the property makes tons of glass cannon builds possible. It is unique in the way that it gives the mod “Chaos Damage cannot bypass energy shield” which is only found on Solaris Lorica. This is BIS for all Low-Life builds.

Voll’s Protector
This is a good poe item which can be used for all life-based COC builds. It is an incredibly powerful item that is also very cheap. It generates power charges better than any other items or support gems. When a power charge expires or consumes, this unique item gives endurance charges. This almost doubles the damage on any discharge builds. The main builds they are used for are Mjolner and COC-Discharge.

Compare to the one item above, this is an expensive poe item due to "Skills Chain +1 times" and “30% chance to Cast Socketed Lightning Spells on Hit” properties, reflecting the mythological weapon, it takes from inspiration. A popular one-handed mace seen as an enabler of many builds, its most prominent use is in a build called "Rainbownuke" due to the appearance of its skills' discharge.


More information about this please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/what-are-the-most-useful-poe-items


The ESO: Morrowind - Naryu Series

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now live on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac! Read a note from Game Director Matt Firor and check out the ESO: Morrowind Launch Trailer below!
With the launch of the ESO: Morrowind, we're thrilled to finally bring a new Chapter to ESO - one that takes players back to Vvardenfell, the ancestral home of the Dark Elves. Players last saw Vvardenfell as the setting for The Elder Scrolls III: Morowind, back in 2002, and we're very happy to finally give everyone the opportunity to return to the iconic island.
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Join the Morag Tong assassin Naryu Virian on a guided tour of the people and places of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Starting with Vivec City, we'll post a new video featuring another aspect of the Dark Elf homeland every week. Keep an eye out for future updates, and get ready to experience ESO: Morrowind for yourself!

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/join-naryu-to-see-the-new-world-of-the-elder-scrolls-online-morrowind

Kevin Durant - An Ideal Player You Are to Creat in NBA 2K17

In the game of NBA 2K17, many players boosted their ratings significantly after impressive seasons last year. Kevin Durant, was also listed as one of the highest rated players. In this postseason, the Slim Reaper, again, has proved himself as a versatile player since he joined Golden State Warriors, and one of the best players in the world as well. Durant has done a pretty good job in man-to-man and help-side defense and maximized his length and athleticism, getting it done in tremendous ways at both ends of the floor—logging the least amount of minutes (33.4 per game), but boasting career—highs in field goal percentage (53.7 percent), rebounds (8.3 per game), blocks (1.6 per game)—all while keeping his turnovers to a career-low 2.2 per game. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/kevin-durant-an-ideal-player-you-are-to-creat-in-nba-2k17


World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5 Arrives on June 13

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5 arrives on June 13, and with it comes a variety of content updates, including Black Temple Timewalking, the Deaths of Chromie, the Trial of Style, and more. You will also soon be able to delve into the Tomb of Sargeras raid dungeon. Here MmoGah will share the New Features of World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5.

You can check out the content below for an overview of what's important in 7.2.5!


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World of Warcraft 7.2.5 Patch - New Features


The time has come to join a raid of 10-30 adventurers and venture back in time to The Black Temple in Outland. You will be scaled to player level 70 and item level 141 on your way into this memorable highlight of the Burning Crusade expansion.

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/world-of-warcraft-patch-7-2-5-arrives-on-june-13


How to Avoid Death in Path of Exile

Everybody knows that it is not easy to live longer in Path of Exile, for example, when you encounter a stack of monsters that their levels are higher than you, or you face with a boss and you want to kill him to finish your quest, but you maybe die if you cannot shy away his hitting immediately. The bad news is that your previous hard work and EXP are in vain. You have to go back to start again. How to avoid such frustrating event happening in Path of Exile? Now let talk about this together.

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Common Causes and Solutions
Let’s take a look at a scenario first. You go into Merveil’s lair and you start to fight a bit. Next thing you know, you get hit by a couple of ice bolts and you’re on the ground with resurrection in town button floating over your icy body. There might be a couple factors which made this possible. I will be going over some of the mistakes that are quite common to beginners.

Lack of HP
It is a pretty obvious one, but players often ignore this problem. Players might think that they can dodge all of the bosses’ attacks easily so they don’t need excess HP for protection, but mistakes will happen. That’s why there are potions and resistance stats. When a character lacks of HP, it gives player less time to react to any fatal damage. A lot of deaths will happen during a constant damage in the game. There are rare cases where characters die in one shot, but this is usually not the case.

Having more HP, it gives you more time to react to either use dash skills that would move them out of the way, or pop a health potion that counteracts damage. But how to build your HP? Unless you’re in strength parts of the passive skill tree, you may not see many options for life. But if you look at some of these branches of skills closely, the developers are nice enough to leave a couple of life skills along intelligence and dexterity parts. If you cannot find life skill, it is also advisable to grab some energy shields as well.


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SWTOR: More Details on Future In-game Events

In the following days, there are four exciting in-game events which will totally bring you an excellent experience. Here Mmogah will list all the detailed four events, and you can choose your favorite one and join with your friends to have a try.

(June 13 - 20, 2017: Begins and ends at 4am PST/12am GMT)

Level: Levels 25+

Mission: The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (T.H.O.R.N.) has issued an official level-2 emergency alert concerning an outbreak of the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan. Quarantines have been put in place to restrict traffic of the plague off-world, but exceptions will be made for individuals with priority clearance.

T.H.O.R.N. is recruiting qualified volunteer emergency responders to travel to affected areas to combat the spread of the Rakghoul plague. More information about the outbreak can be found by checking the News Terminals on the Republic or Imperial Fleet!

T.H.O.R.N. wishes to remind you that plague symptoms can be treated if they are identified in the early stages of infection. Whether or not you have travel plans, please consult your nearest trusted medical supply droid and get vaccinated! Featured Rewards:

1. Alliance Contact - Doctor Lokin: Recruitable during the Rakghoul Event
2. Exclusive Mounts: Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback
3. THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets
4. Outbreak Response Weapons
5. Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets
6. …and more!


(July 1-5, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PST/12am GMT)

Level: All Levels up to 70!

Mission: The ‘Summer of SWTOR’ is upon us, and we’re celebrating with double the in-game experience - running all weekend long! Level up at light speed as you earn 2x the Experience Points for your story adventures.

Plus, to honor this game’s amazing player-vs-player community, we’re awarding double the Valor points you’ll earn from Warzones and Arenas all weekend. Celebrate the millions of PvP battles that have taken place over the past 5+ years - from Voidstar to Huttball to Novare Coast and beyond!


June 27 – July 11, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PDT/12am GMT)

Level: Level 15+

Mission: For a limited time, the Bounty Brokers Association has opened its doors to anyone willing to take on their dangerous contracts, offering an opportunity for both seasoned and rookie hunters to prove their skills and bring crime syndicates and violent gangs to justice!

Each day, you can sign up for one standard “Henchman” contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract, and each may take you to a separate planet. Complete five standard contracts to unlock Kingpin missions with bigger loot! Head to the fleet now, invite your friends and visit representatives of the Association to get started on your contracts!

To Get You Started:
1. Head to the fleet
2. Look for BBA representatives standing near carbonized bounties
3. Head to the Cartel Bazaar to use the mission terminals
4. Choose your mission, locate the target, kill or freeze it
Collect great rewards!
5. Repeat 5 times (1 a day per character) to unlock Kingpin missions!

Featured Rewards:
1. Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association
2 Armor: Bounty Tracker’s Armor Set, Contract Hunter’s Armor Set
3. Weapons: Assassin’s Bowcaster, Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster
4. Armor: White, Red, Blue Scalene Armor
5. Weapons: Gray Helix Weapons, Gray Helix Lightsaber
6. In-game pets: Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, Drink Server Probe
7. BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount
8. …and more!


(June 13 – August, 2017: Begins and ends at 5am PDT/12pm GMT)

How to participate: Travel to Nar Shaddaa from your player ship, then take a taxi to either the Star Cluster Casino (Republic) or Club Vertica Casino (Empire).

Mission: Set course for Nar Shaddaa this summer, as the Hutts open their doors for the greatest spectacle this side of the Outer Rim. Watch as the galaxy’s rich, famous, and desperate flock to the Smuggler’s Moon to unwind and find their fortune! So grab your friends, stockpile those swtor credits, and set your blasters to stun - because the lights never go out at the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos!

The stakes have been raised this year, with the greatest rewards yet up for grabs. Test your luck on the slot machines, compete with other high rollers, and create unforgettable memories! Sit back and relax – we’ve got your itinerary covered:

1. Trade in your credits for special tokens to use at the dazzling Star Cluster and Club Vertica casinos!
2. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you try your luck at the slot machines and a chance to win lavish rewards!
Rack up rewards with the Smuggler’s Luck Slot Machine, then - if you’re feeling lucky - go for jackpot with the Kingpin’s Bounty Slot Machine!
3. Win big with this year’s two new grand prizes:
Vectron BWL Wraith: Ride off on this sleek new speeder and be the envy of the Nightlife crowd!
Gamorrean Guard Companion: Secure a bodyguard contract with one of the galaxy’s most notorious armed thugs!
4. Plus, with every pull of the slot machine you have a chance of winning grand prize items from previous Nightlife festivals - like the Vectron Opus speeder and Kingpin’s Rancor Mount!
5. With so many prizes, there’s a jackpot just around the corner!


Relating News:

How to Make Tons of MT in NBA 2K17

In my last article in NBA2K17 news page, I’ve talked about the deference between MT and VC and how to earn VC in NBA 2K17, now I’ll talk about how to earn NBA 2K17 MT.


1) If you are lucky enough, you can pull a valuable card from packs, then you sell it on the Auction House for a very high price

2) To “Snipe” on the Auction House: Some people take a method of “Sniping” on AH, but what is “Sniping”? The “sniping” here means buying cards for a cheap price when the market refreshes. Youtuber “ThatBoyTazz” shows how he makes a substantial profit on AH easily.

3) Some people play the fluctuation of the AH market. They find prices tend to cycle across the week. Prices usually go down because TBT (Throwback Thursday) and FBF (Flashback Friday) players incentivize many more pack openings, so the more cards to be on sale, the lower prices there will be, especially when 2K apparently increases drop rates for rare cards, such as DPOY Packs and Amethysts. Some special packs like 6MOTY (6th Man of the Year), DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year), ROTY (Rookie of the Year), MVP (Most Valuable Player), etc. will only be released a very limited number of times. Once they are released, prices are very low, but after a while, supply evaporates, then prices go up. So many people tend to hold the cards until prices go higher.
Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/how-to-make-tons-of-mt-in-nba-2k17