Runescape Event: Aiding the Exile

Today, on June 19, sees a new event of Runescape kick off within the Golden City: Aiding the Exile.
Save the date and immerse yourself in everything that’s coming to the event. You can make enough rs gold in advance and be part of the world's greatest Runescape fan gathering.
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Speak to the shady lurker by the Menaphos front gates to get started collecting Menaphite coins, earned as you train combat or skills within Menaphos itself or the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
You’ll get +20% Menaphite coins from training Mining, Thieving, Fishing or Woodcutting. Please note, however, that you won’t be able to earn currency from Daily Challenges, as these can’t be handed in within the city.
You can unlock some sweet rewards, including magic carpet rest and teleport animations.
If you need to catch up, or just fancy speeding things up, you can purchase Menaphite coins with Runecoins at the Rewards Store.
Please note: since the event is set only in Menaphos, we have made the decision to remove the daily cap on earning Menaphite coins. RuneCoins will be refunded for any cap extenders purchased within a few days - keep an eye on your message centre.

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SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of June 19, 2017

In order to celebrate the ‘Summer of SWTOR’ with Starfighter-themed gear like the Stardrive Spark speeder, rare in-game Pets, and more! Those are really worthwhile for gamers to spend your swtor credits, no second chance. Here are this week’s exotic Cartel Market goods (June 20 - June 27):

Gold Decoration Pack: Decorations Bundle Pack (800 Cartel Coins)
Each pack grants one Gold-quality Stronghold Decoration, drawn randomly from the full collection. No matter where you call home in the galaxy, this ‘best-of’ decoration pack has something to fit your style. Therefore there’s never been a better time to stock up on decorations!


Stardrive Spark: Direct Sale Mount (1,500 Cartel Coins)
Jet across the galaxy with this fan-favorite, Starfighter-themed speeder. Transform your Stardrive Spark into one of two forms with Mount Flourish (press Ctrl + Z on your keyboard): Travel with arms folded in for aerodynamic flight, then extend the ship’s wings when firepower and agility are required.

Ebon Hawk: Direct Sale Pet (240 Cartel Coins)
The legendary ship whose name is both respected and feared across the galaxy, so it’s really a good time to get it. Carry its legacy along your journeys with this iconic in-game pet!


Turret Simulator: Direct Sale Toy (480 Cartel Coins)
This can protect your space cargo! Hop on this Starfighter-themed Rest & Recharge item to regenerate health and take down hostile forces.

Model GSS-5C Dustmaker: Direct Sale Pet (240 Cartel Coins)
There are few Gunships more feared across the galaxy than the GSS-5C Dustmaker, designed by Imperial engineers to raze cities and decimate enemy spacecraft. This miniature version of the legendary Starfighter will follow you on your adventures - and is sure to draw the envy of friend and foe alike!


Silver Decoration Pack: Decorations Bundle Pack (325 Cartel Coins)
Silver Decoration Bundle pack: each pack contains one Silver or Gold-quality Stronghold Decoration or Label, drawn randomly from the full collection! If you want to upgrade your space pad but on a tight budget, Silver Decoration Pack is a good choice.

Upcoming Item Embargo: 25% Off ‘Last Chance’ Sale (All items 25% off)
It’s really the last chance to get so cheap items below - the official is taking them off the market and there’s no telling when they’ll be back! To send them off in style, and all these items is sold at 25% off regular prices:
Exterminator’s Armor Set
Huttsbane Armor Set
Investigator’s Armor Set
Destroyer’s Armor Set
CZ-13K Guerilla Armor Set
Outlaw’s Armor Set
Noble Commander’s Armor Set
Pathfinder’s Armor Set
MA-44 Armor Set
X-3 Techmaster’s Armor Set

Orlean LE-5
Longspur Sportster
Aratech Rose
Cavern Varactyl
Czerka CR-17 Incendia

M8-M0 Astromech Droid
W4-K2 Astromech Droid

Rancor Holo-Replica
Carbonite Chamber
Data Entry
Kick the Huttball

Minor Starfighter Experience Boost
Major Starfighter Experience Boost
5-pack Major Starfighter Experience Boost
Command Boost (the 25% boost)
5-Pack Command Boost (the 25% boost)
Major Warzone XP Boost Bundle

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9 Must-Read Tips for Beginners in FIFA 17

FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most important features in FIFA 17, offering a deep and endlessly simulation of how you can build and maintain a world-beating team. Hit the links for advice on how to earn coins, maximize team chemistry and create a winning team.

However you look at it, you're not going to get very far in FIFA if you can't kick the ball into the net. A professional fifa coins seller (MmGah.com) offers best formation that'll help you dominate the pitch and score many goals.

Here’s our best advice for building a quality team quickly and learning the tricks. These essential tips will ensure you score an immediate advantage that exceeds all your friends.


Master the perfect free kicks
If you can’t control your free kicks or curl them past the keeper, FIFA 17 free kicks tricks will give you best ways to help you add to your set piece tally.

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Skill Gems in Path of Exile

What are Path of Exile Skill Gems? Skills follow a traditional path in RPG. You can acquire skills through experienced user moves up the ladder to equip and use the skill as a basic. Becoming a medium level player or expert/grandmaster will be the dream of all players. Skills range from the staple bunch which users are automatically given. In Path of Exile, skills are acquired through gems. Skill gems can be obtained in multiple ways which include loot dropped from killing enemies, purchased from vendors, and quest rewards.

When you plan to buy poe items, poe currency and poe exalted orbs from a vendor, you may first want to check its reputation and then place an order. MmoGah, as a big brand with more than 10 years’ working experience website, has won very high reputation from large numbers of players. You can see MmoGah has ranked No.1 in most of the MMORPGS when you search Google. As a reliable and trustworthy gaming company, we can guarantee to supply the best 7/24 hours service to all players. If you meet any problems, please feel free to contact us, our service reps will give you a satisfied reply.


Using Skill Gems
You can use skill gems when you have them equipped. You will find the skill presets in the bottom right corner of the UI. They will be placed in this area automatically as you equip skills. Pressing the corresponding keys or buttons will activate the skills.

If want to use different skills or you have more skills than buttons, you can place the mouse cursor over the skill or button to change the left mouse button, it will bring up all your skills. You can then choose one you want and map it to that button.

Support Gems
Gems have own attributes. Not all gems drops are the same. You can find 2 types, skill and support. There is a very significant difference. Skill gems give you skills where support gems enhance the skills. Support gem icons are usually more circular in nature and they will have the word support in the title. These are important as they can make skills much more powerful.


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What Is ISO in NBA 2K17

When talking about NBA 2K17, gamers sometimes speak of “ISO”. But what is ISO? ISO is a short form for Isolation. Isolation Play is often used near the end of the game. With 10 seconds left on the clock and a team needing a basket, many coaches will just give the ball to their best scorer and ask the star to make something happen.


Isolation plays take advantage of a team's best player. Scorers want to score, and ISO plays give them the opportunities they want. But these plays can also exploit matchups with weaker players, if a team doesn't have a good defender at a certain position or lacks the size and speed to stop a top scorer or the key defender is in trouble with injury or foul, when you have players as talented as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on your roster, you're going to score points off of isolation plays.

However, there's a significant downside to isolation ball. Teams that become too reliant on a single player can become stagnant on offense, one-dimensional, and too vulnerable if they are facing a defender like Memphis forward Tony Allen. It requires the ball handler to shoot quickly and perfectly to make ISO really efficient. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/what-is-iso-in-nba-2k17 


How to Buy the ESO Items without Being Safely

To be the strongest hero in the Elder Scrolls Online, you do not only need to have the most powerful skills but also need to equip your class with the excellent items. Buying ESO Items is an important part in ESO. Almost every players are in need of ESO items merely in various degrees to improve their skills or speed up their levels. For saving more time and energy, many players choose to buy ESO items instead of farming them by themselves. That is the basic requirement, but many players may think about how to buy Elder Scrolls Online Items without being scammed among so many ESO Items sellers. Well, this article will answer the question and dispel all the misgivings.


How to avoid getting scammed?
Choose a Reliable and Trustworthy ESO Items Website at First
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Use Secure Delivery Method secondly
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