Do You Know the League Event Rules in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is divided into different leagues for those who don’t know, each has own characteristics and standards that fit any kind of player. Due to the design and thought, these leagues are part of the game's great success, which makes Path of Exile become a welcome game from all of the players.

The Standard league is the easiest to understand. It's the base game wherein you can die over and over again without hesitation. This league contrasts with the Hardcore league clearly, wherein dying will make you move into the Standard league at once. Except for the normal one being set up in seasons, there are many kinds of Hardcore leagues. After one season is over, those who are left are transferred into the normal Hardcore league.


This is where things start getting more complex. Race leagues are special short events that are run regularly to make participants play from a clean slate for competition. To reach the highest level possible within a limited time frame is our goal, so the only real tools are their knowledge of the game and their ability to do things as efficiently as possible in the game. The winners get rewards like Path of Exile Items from Grinding Gear Games. The element of skill is brought into online action role-playing games by these race leagues. In order to yield the best results possible and foster healthy competition through upholding certain standards, it can be made as fair as possible.

With the purpose of upholding standards for players to pursue, all the leagues follow rules that are made by Grinding Gear Games. For example, before the start of the competition, seasonal competitive leagues start with players being able to create their characters 30 minutes. In order to stand a chance at winning prizes at the end of the league, new characters must be made in the appropriate league. Creating multiple characters for each player to receive multiple prizes is discouraged in a league. Dying once will eliminate your character from contention for prizes based on ladder placement in hardcore leagues, but you still have qualification to get prizes (such as poe exalted orb) that are based on accomplishing objectives.


Based on full clearing for prizes, the member who lands the last on the last monster gets to win the prize. The decision is final when a winner is determined. The winning character must not be deleted until confirmation of receiving the prizes. These rules are made to avoid confusion for both players and Grinding Gear Games, as well as to make sure that competitions are clean and fair enough.

There are lots of elements involved with leagues in Path of Exile, and they make the game more interesting as time passes. If you think that playing Standard feels boring, then you can give the other leagues a shot, or even go for a race league to see whether you have what it takes. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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Released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, followed by a Microsoft Windows version the following month, Destiny 2, as an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game is gaining more and more focus from players. It is the sequel to 2014’s Destiny and its subsequent expansions. Set in a “mythic science fiction” world, the game features a multiplayer “shared-world” environment with elements of role-playing games. Players assume the role of a Guardian, protectors of Earth’s last safe city as they wield a power called Light to protect the Last City from different alien races.


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Celebrate the End of 2017 in TESO with the New Life Festival

Celebrate the end of another fantastic year in The Elder Scrolls Online with the New Life Festival. This merry event returns with a host of fun quests and festive holiday rewards for all. Find out below how you can celebrate New Life with us and earn free XP-boosting collectibles, acquire style materials and pages, unlock unique furnishings, and more!
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The New Life Festival celebrates the death of the old year, and the birth of the new, so it's a holiday of hope and new beginnings. It also marks the Winter Solstice, when Magnus the Sun begins his return, and the days once more start to grow longer.
The New Life Festival begins at 10:00AM EST on Thursday, December 14 and will run until 10:00AM EST on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. In order to join the festivities, acquire the free New Life Festival Scroll from the Crown Store. Use the scroll to find the New Life Herald Breda in a tent just south of Windhelm, Eastmarch. She will give you the initial quest, “The New Life Festival", which will unlock a series of nine uniquely festive daily quests.

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What Are the Top Five Builds in Path of Exile

Some Players think that Path of Exile is more than just another action role-playing game, it is something like an endurance and intellect game. The level of mystery and specificity that goes into Path of Exile is to a degree that puzzles most players. This is where the biggest and the worst of character builds come in with specifics that are so specific due to the ongoing pursuit of perfection.

Of course, the best build is the one you have the most fun in this game. If you aren't the type who wants to wing it and want to get something that's painstakingly optimized to near perfection, then perhaps these top five builds will make you happy. From the passives to gems and all the way to get the Path of Exile Items to reach top performance. Once players have achieved the pinnacle with their chosen build, that's when they can get a real glimpse into what the game is truly capable of. Whey players collect PoE Currency, it is good for their builds.


Elemental Buzzsaw Scion
This one is like the flavor of the month, but this build hits all the right notes for dedicated Path of Exile players. Exalted Orbs are sometimes used for this build. It uses 5 auras that benefit party members at first, so other players love to play with a character like this. If you prefer playing alone, you can do well in soloing end-game bosses on your own. In order to get right, it's one of those end-games builds that don't need much gear too, so this is great for players who are just starting to get their feet wet with tier-one builds.

Aura-based Lightning Arrow Scion
It is the Lightning Arrow Ranger, perhaps the easiest build to pull off and play, and ramps it up to another level. This build makes use of the Scion and supplements combat with auras to make Lightning Arrow and other offensive options much stronger. This build makes pretty tanky, and Voltaxic can make elemental reflect mobs not as problematic as ordinary Lightning Arrow Rangers. You’ll have no problem farming with this build by sheer DPS against multiple targets.


Cast on Critical / Ethereal Knives / Discharger Witch
Among all of the basic classes, the Witch has the most potential when it comes to AOE damage. However, this build is something else in taking that potential and fulfilling it in a way never seen before with any other build. One of the highest DPS in the game, there is a good bit of survivability in this build and immunity to physical and elemental reflect that makes it viable as a farming build in whatever league you wish.

Chaos Inoculation Immortal Scion
There is something about Chaos Inoculation that still interests a lot of players so far. As a really tanky build with immunity to elemental and physical reflect, this build takes upon the "Immortal" name with pride, which makes it great for taking on end-game map bosses. You can play this in hardcore leagues without a lot of fear, as long as you get the building right due to this combination of great defense.

God-Tank Marauder
When talking about the tankiest of tanky builds, the name says it all when tanky this Marauder build. This build has decent DPS if there is full of gear to go around with, but it's all about the defense. It is said that you can go into any map mod and no need to worry about dying. Parties will look for you to take the hits, so it's a helpful build to have around. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.

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What Is the Least Item Dependent Build in Path of Exile

A lot of things about Path of Exile makes such a great game, but it seems to not easy to get into. Due to the various systems looks horrible in the game at first, particularly due to the vastness passive skill tree looks more like a skill forest. However, actually it's not complicated at all, and you can get your feet wet that eases you into it with a build.

The builds are not exclusive to beginners as veteran players also can get into and be just as effective for them, either for characters in new leagues or races, or just for fun on the side when more builds prove to be too stressful to play. No need to make all the Path of Exile Items to make the build work that makes it more accessible to more players.

Note that your first character will not turn out perfectly as you're learning about the game and subject to trial and error, which is completely fine. But if you want to get a specific build now for optimal performance, then these three are the best to start with. You can use some PoE Exalted Orbs here to support your build.


Lightning Arrow Ranger
Perhaps this is the go-to simple build in the game due to not needing a lot of good PoE Currency items and how easy it is to play. As long as you can hang back and fire at enemies with Lightning Arrow for multiple targets and something else like Frenzy for single targets, then you can suffer less damage by your ranged offense. This may be suitable to other character classes that can use bows, but it's best for the Ranger.

Summoner Witch
Although it is complex than the first one, the possibilities with the Summoner Witch is that veteran Path of Exile players swear by an effective farming build. Summons serve as additional damage and meat shields at the same time, and then you can stand back and fire off other spells to clean house. In order to be strong, it can be augmented by other skills like double Totems and to make the build no need big items.


Ground Slam Marauder
Due to simple mechanics and satisfying feel with every hit and kill, Melee characters incline to be the most fun and casual-friendly in action role-playing games. This build shows that kinesthetic impact with each blow, which takes multiple enemies out while not being dependent on gear. In order to tank incoming damage at close range, there is still a need to support defensive stats, but that's part of the build with the passives.

These builds can be used for various purposes, mainly to start off somewhere when the ideal gear is scarce and you want to get in with something that doesn't take much energy to play in the long run. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.

RuneScape Guide: How to Complete the G-Nome Project

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays! Today MmoGah is bringing you the RS3 guide to the G-Nome Project which is the 2017 Christmas Event.


This time, you are going to help Santa bring the toy gnome to life.
Below are items you need to complete this holiday mini quest:
• Redberry pie
• 100 pale energy
• 10 rune or pure essence
• 12 raw lobsters

• Ability to teleport to the Varrock, Al Kharid, and Port Sarim lodestones
• A tier 3/4 luck ring (e.g luck of the dwarves) for teleporting to the Grand Exchange

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Track Santa
To start the event, you are going to talk to the Queen of Snow at the northern part of the Grand Exchange. She is distraught about the disappearance of her husband, Santa Claus. She said Santa is trying to create the ‘perfect boy’. She also mentions that Santa’s reindeer Rudolph is missing. Santa was seen at the grand exchange trying to sell his old Santa hat.
Queen of Snow will ask you to go talk with Thurgo, she believes Thurgo has more information about Santa’s whereabouts. Thurgo will be found south of Port Sarim near Musa Point.
Give Thurgo a redberry pie, he will tell you that Santa has been looking for a way to turn his toy gnome into a real boy. Thurgo directed Santa to the Queen Black Dragon to try and use the flames from her to bring the gnome to life. You will find the lair for the queen black dragon north of Thurgo, just west of the Port Sarim lodestone.

Rescue Santa
Once you enter the cave, a cutscene will show you a dormant queen black dragon, a damaged sleigh and Rudolph's ashes. Clicking on the damaged sleigh will awaken the queen black dragon and she will eat you.


You’ll  find Santa and the clockwork gnome trapped inside her belly. You free both of them and return back to the platform. Santa will be sad to find that Rudolph has been killed and his sleigh damaged. After giving the ashes back to Santa, you will be teleported back to the grand exchange.

Back at the grand exchange, Santa will ask you to speak to Doc, Aubury and Orla in order to keep carrying out his research.

Helping Doc
Doc thinks that he can bring the gnome to life by blasting him with a lot of power. To help him out, give him the 100 pale energy.Then he will ask you to tinker with the power generator until the generator damage has been reduced to 0%. After that, he will ask you to continue to tinker with the generator until the control panel starts to smoke. Once it starts smoking, press the control panel.
Doc will ask you to test it first before testing on the gnome, and it will work on you, but it ultimately won’t work on the gnome.
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