How to Earn VC Fast in NBA 2K18

VC (Virtual Currency) in the NBA 2K18 is a thing that dictate and determine much of how interact with the game. In this year, it relies on VC more than any previous title in the series, one of the places you’ll spend most of your VC will be in the MyCareer mode. Everything from raising your stats to decorating your crib is bound to VC, and Virtual Currency is the only way to skip some of the game’s most boring content. In order to get a solid footing in the game, a steady flow of Virtual Currency is crucial for gamers. If you didn’t pre-order the game or you don’t want to buy VC directly from the store, you will have to grind for it through various tasks around the game. MmoGah share this guide to help you make a bunch of VC quickly and more efficiently.


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Earn VC in NBA 2K18 MyCareer
Head to the neighborhood and jump into some games, this is the easiest place to earn a good amount of VC, whether you play pick-up games in the park or NBA games with your player, you are guaranteed a minimum of 500 VC for these activities. While performance will boost up the amount you’ll receive. Just get into a game and play, you will get a good amount of VC. As you progress, you’ll notice that some other options will be available to you. Be smart and take the endorsement and tasks that are given to you by your manager, these will offer up different amounts of VC during your time in this mode. These are another steady way to earn Virtual Currency for you to reinvest in your player, so make sure to take advantage of them.

Grind VC in MyLeague
Time is money, if you don’t want to go through the process of grinding your VC out, there are some shortcuts for you. In MyLeague, you can set up you franchise and play out a whole NBA season. It is also a mode that will get you some easy VC if you tweak a couple of settings. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/how-to-earn-vc-fast-in-nba-2k18

NBA 2K18 Dribble Moves Tutorial

In NBA 2K18, dribble moves are an important part of gameplay. By using them effectively, you can create space and drive/shot opportunities to increase your chance of scoring. It’s time now for MmoGah to share the single best isolation dribble combo with you today.


I guarantee you this will get you to pass your defenders on any level if you chain these moves correctly, this will be absolutely deadly. So we will begin with the detail study of dribble mechanics to unleash your handles in this tutorial so that it will help you cross over to the next level.

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For this year, in NBA 2K18, it has in total 11 live dribble moves, you can chain all of them together in any combination you want, so the key is to find best ones to chain together to dominate.


There are five dribble moves we need, Sam Pham is going to show you right here:

Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/nba-2k18-dribble-moves-tutorial

Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Scoring

After reading our NBA 2K18 Offensive Controls Guide, you may be fully equipped to break down any opponent that comes your way. But having your stick game tight is one thing, combining deft fingers with good strategy is another. MmoGah shares with fans some good ideas on how to get to the rim and drop major buckets.


Should you need anything else like the help with Defensive Controls of the game, make sure to head over to our NBA 2K18 news page.

- Spend some time on learning who are superstars for your team. Just like in real life Steph Curry will be very different with Kyrie Irving. Knowing each player’s real life tendencies and strengths gives you a sound foundation on how to use their digital counterparts.

- Speed kills. Using sprint button too much keeps your players tired and also makes you predictable. You should mix up your pace when dribbling and use your sprint in moments when your defender will least expect it.

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- Don’t be a player hater. Take time to learn some of the sets and plays of the team you are using. Go into practice mode and run those plays with the play diagrams on. This not only lets you see how it should be run but also gives you an idea on how each play’s spacing should work. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/tips-and-tricks-for-nba-2k18-scoring

Burning Discharge Build in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, the Burning Discharge build has got to be the most talkative of all the character builds if a high-level character has been decked out with the best Path of Exile Items due to its storied development and how much damage it can dish out on the enemy. This build has been changed quite a few, but the main idea has remained the same.

Discharge is an active skill that enables a player to unleash tons of elemental damage regardless of magical talent. Whether they're Frenzy Charges, Power Charges, or Endurance Charges gathered in combat, it is done through the powerful release of a character's built-up charges. You can make use of PoE Currency to increase it. The character build revolves around being able to maximize the damage brought about by this active skill. For farming and leveling, the best thing is that any character class can have its own discharge build.


Although offense is the reason for getting this build, defense is the foundation upon this build. The question lies in how charges are gained and how you survive while doing your thing with discharge, as it is a build that can be utilized by most classes. Sometimes PoE exalted orb is necessary. In order to get things going, one of the most popular variations is the Templar, which makes use of Endurance charges. To get most of what boosts your elemental damage and Endurance charges is your main goals in passive skills. Also, you should go for burning damage since you'll use fire to turn enemies into ash.

Due to differing play styles between players, there are lots of variations even to this Templar version of the build. For example, some may want to take Vaal Pact for the awesome life leech, but some may abscond due to its restriction of healing from flasks. Due to its effect of lowering enemy resistances, there is also some discussion regarding the taking of Elemental Equilibrium. Some may think that since they'll be one-shooting enemies anyway that this won't be necessary, but some do prefer taking this passive skill for its great effect that increases how much elemental damage that the enemies take from Discharge.


For this build, the good thing with using the Templar is that the Strength/Intelligence hybrid and you should focus on making for a good balance on offense and defense. Definitely it is much easier to keep a Templar alive with this build than a Witch that requires a bit more vigilance and micromanagement to stay with it. Although the damage is not the most that can be dished out with Discharge as with the Witch, this makes leveling up with this build a bit easier than with others. If you have good PoE Items to back it up, you can give most of them a run for their money.

When you want to make farming and leveling a breeze, once you hit your full stride, then take upon this fantastic build and see what you can be truly capable. If you want to read more poe news, please visit MmoGah.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements for NBA 2K18 PC Version

Along with the release of the free demo for NBA 2K18, the specs required to run the PC version have also been listed on the game’s Steam page.


NBA 2K18 new TV spot: "Handshakes"

If you have got a lower-end system, you won’t have to worry about too much when trying to handle the upcoming game, because the Minimum requirements are pretty generous – an Intel Core i3-530, 4 GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GT 450 with 1 GB VRAM will be good enough to see you through.

The best part are the recommended requirements where things only get slightly heftier. You need an Intel Core i5-4420, 8 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 with 2 GB VRAM to run the game. There are no details on the graphical settings, frame rates or resolutions that these hardware settings could provide to players. You are going to need a lot of hard disk space, because a massive 70 GB of installation space is required for installing the game.

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 The system requirements for both the minimum and the recommended specs can be seen below: Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/minimum-and-recommended-requirements-for-nba-2k18-pc-version 


World of Warcraft: Celebrate Pirate’s Day Is Coming on September 19

It’s Pirate’s Day! Celebrate all things piratical in Booty Bay! Here MmoGah (a professional WoW Gold and WoW Power Leveling site) will share more details about it.


Captain DeMeza has made landfall in the goblin town of Booty Bay to recruit landlubbers into her buccaneer ranks. Visit her or her henchmen in the capital cities if the pirate’s life is for you!

Feeling out of place in Booty Bay without a proper costume? Don’t worry. /Dance one little jig with the Dread Captain DeMeza and she will be impressed enough to press you into her crew and outfit you properly. If you get attached to your new look, you can do the quest You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! Succeed, and you will get an Emergency Pirate Outfit (or five) for when Pirate’s Day is but a distant memory and your inner pirate is clawing to get out.

What good is a pirate without an avian companion on their shoulder? Captain DeMeza (for the exchange of a few shiny coins) can help you call forth a temporary companion named Petey to take with you wherever you sail.

From time to time, the captain will shout for a brave party to take on a terror of the deep—an elite shark known as Ol’Eary. Make sure you have a hearty crew with you or you could become just so much chum in the waters of the bay.



Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/world-of-warcraft-celebrate-pirate-s-day-is-coming-on-september-19

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of September 19, 2017

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of September 12 offered White Color Crystal: Direct Sale Weapon Customization and K1-Z3N Assault Droid: Direct Sale Companion. Now let’s see what SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of September 19 offer, Mmogah (No.1 SWTOR Gold selling website on google) will list the details in the following parts.

Don the Ruthless Scion battle armor, unbox the popular Warbound Crusader Pack at half off, and more! See what this week has to offer on the Cartel Market:

Ruthless Scion: Direct Sale Armor (Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26 - 2,100 Cartel Coins)

Worn only by the most elite and battle-tested of Zakuul’s legendary Scions, a sect of powerful Force-users renowned for their ability to see into the future.


Warbound Crusader: Returning Item Pack (Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26)

If you missed it the first time, now is your chance to unlock the popular Warbound Crusader Pack - at 50% off normal prices for one week only! Equip the mysterious Enigmatic Hero armor, pilot the Imperial Devastator tank, and wield the Lightsaber of the superweapon Tyth!
Warbound Crusader Pack 300 Cartel Coins NOW 150 CARTEL COINS
Supercrate: 5 Warbound Crusader Packs 1,500 Cartel Coins NOW 712 CARTEL COINS
Hypercrate: 26 Warbound Crusader Packs 7,800 Cartel Coins NOW 3,510 CARTEL COINS


Riot Control Tuning: Direct Sale Weapon Customization (Tuesday, September 19 - Tuesday, September 26 - 1,800 Cartel Coins)

Favored by mercenary groups across the galaxy, this weapon customization emits a powerful electro-static field - a not-so-subtle deterrent for any foe foolish enough to get in your way.

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